22 thoughts on “China’s electric vehicle explosions, 7 electric vehicles caught fire per day”

  1. feel sorry for electric  car  drivers and future  owners. They will simply  have to learn the hard way .. as I did. These things are a huge hassle and a outrageous expense  in the long run. Batteries  are very … very expensive to replace ( thousands of dollars) …  and make no mistake, you will be replacing them. These batteries are highly toxic to our environment,  with a high potential for disaster to our surroundings. This is NOT CLEAN ENERGY BY ANY MEANS!

    I also regret all the  lost hours at these charging  stations.  I wish I knew all this before I bought my car .  Do your homework before buying !

  2. I can see China going all in on electric cars. Im waiting before a decent cheap hydrogen fuel cell one comes out. Electric is a fools paradice. Electric still gotta be generated by other means. It will be ironic to see people buying petrol generators to run their cars when they could have just put the petrol in the car in the first place.

  3. Well, if you take fucked up batteries that are supposed to be recycled and not put back into new products. You're going to get exploding cars and bikes. CCP has too many smooth-brain Administrators.

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