Chinese auto brand Lifan scoops first bowl of gold in Argentina

Enjoy Lifan. Enjoy life.

This lady finds an alternative choice in the auto market of Buenos Aires, as she feels safe and comfortable over the trial ride of the Lifan vehicle.

(Soundbite) Martin Falconi, Lifan Retailer
“This is a very good product from a factory which is huge. It has a very large production capacity and ensures very good quality. People like the car. They really enjoy the great space inside.”

The Chinese brand opened its network of dealers in the capital city in March and its pioneer model X60 SUV has proven to be well accepted..

(Soundbite) Martin Falconi, Lifan Retailer
“The outlook is very good for sales. Other models will be added soon to the brand in the coming months.”

In the upcoming quarters of 2016, drivers in Argentina will have more options from Lifan, as utility truck Foison, X50 SUV and boxcar Foison will be introduced to the market in tandem.