40mph (64km/h) crash test videos of Chinese vehicles.


33 thoughts on “Chinese Auto Crash Test Compilation”

  1. I see most people commenting here are super ignorant, this for one thing is 2007, New Chinese cars have at least 3-4 star safety ratings, they are catching up with western and Japanese companies, keep in mind China is new at manufacturing cars, people didn't have cars in China even in the 90s. As for China only building crap, untrue, depends how much you wanna pay, expensive Chinese products are good quality, you get what you pay, if it's cheap that's what you get, something cheap.

  2. can anyone tell me the brand name of these cars?  how do you know they are from China or made in China?  ManyVW cars are also made in China.

  3. As a Chinese, when I was a kid I thought "Why don't Chinese look both ways and also jay-walk? It's like the government wants them to die!"

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