What an Amazing factory !! We visited the Chassis and body production Facility of The Changan factory, Changan is one of the largest producers of cars in China, located in Chongqing. We were amazed by the automated factory that we saw, just like something out of a Sci Fi movie. Join us for a look around.

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43 thoughts on “Chinese Automated Car Factory of the FUTURE! // (含中文字幕) // 充满未来感的中国自动化汽车工厂”

  1. Wait till the Chinese adapt auto manufacturing to fighter jets production. It just a matter of
    Designing assembly to robotic assembly.

  2. 还有就是车子价格很便宜,加上税费平均12万,可开启全景天窗,360全景倒车影像,电动座椅,能有的都有

  3. Narrated by a couple of guys that have no clue about automobile manufacturing. Glad you guys were amazed by all the activity! Try a Tesla factory for your next video.

  4. 4:26 So if the factory produces 600 finished vehicles per day, how that that mean a new vehicle every 15 seconds? This means a new vehicle every 144 seconds. Not that that is any less awe inspiring, but still to have 1 vehicle every 15 seconds, they would have to make 5760 finished vehicles per day.

  5. 中国已经走在引领第四次工业革命的路上了,相关的人工智能 大数据,高自动化生产 5G通信 远程控制以及高算力等领域都在发展。

  6. I am Chinese, China's mobile phones and cars are very reliable. The Chinese study hard and industrialize rapidly. China is very reliable now! For 5000 years, China has been the strongest country in Asia.. GDP will become the first in the world within five years… You deserve the car, guys

  7. My rear view camera constantly gets dirty. Wondering if camera instead of normal mirrors will do the same. Led mirror on dash board at some point in bright sun light will be totally worthless. Too much information on dash board to the point you have to constantly move your head from the road to get information. I think it is futuristic but totally dangerous idea for actual drivers.

  8. Where Is Greta Thunberg?

    It seems as though the world is on the fast lane toward cleaning the car industry from polluting emissions. Everyone is rushing to create clean cars, whether battery or hydrogen powered engines, and bask in their cleanness.
    But the green alibi hides behind it a dirty truth: Zero emission does not mean zero pollution. Mining rare Earth materials required for zero-emissions engines, building charging stations, and the complex logistics surrounding the “clean” industries will take a heavy toll on Earth. In the end, the only ones who will gain from the “clean revolution” are the tycoons who are selling it to us, and the government officials who placate them for their own reasons.
    Where is Greta Thunberg these days? Like the rest of the pawns in the battle for wealth and power, the “climate knights” have sent her back to oblivion once they finished using her. It is all power games among giant corporations, but the environment and the climate are no one’s concern.
    Even if we switch to wind energy or ocean-wave energy, I don’t believe that we will gain much. We will have to pay for it elsewhere.
    For this reason, I think that the crux of the problem is not emissions, but our behavior toward nature and toward our fellow human beings. Here is where we can produce positive and lasting results. If we could communicate with one another positively, we could stop the madness of excessive development that manufactures unnecessary and harmful products.
    If we could slow down a bit, we wouldn’t need to burn so much fuel in order to defeat competitors in a race for wealth that makes no one happy. Only if we realize that our happiness depends on the quality of our relationships, and not on the padding of our bank accounts, we will be able to pause a little, think, and rebuild our civilization in a way that contributes to nature, to humanity, and to each of us.

  9. 谢谢大家非常幽默的英文评论,我是中国人,开得也是长安品牌的SUV。长安CS75plus2021年2月卖了3万多辆,成为中国销量最高的SUV品牌。

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