Chinese automakers are​ seeing fresh opportunities for selling electric vehicles in Brazil.

This week two big players in this global market, BYD and GWM announced new business ​ventures into the South American Market.

Paulo Cabral reports.

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11 thoughts on “Chinese car companies charge into Brazilian market”

  1. Now US is criticising Chinese TIRES with ZERO Data about Safety. FYI: RUBBER originally came from S America, then Colonists decided to Grow Rubber in Asia. VANILLA originated in S America, then Colonists decided to grow Vanilla Orchid in Asia/Africa. Days when Supremist Colonists Re-Arranged this World like their own Plantation, with rest of us nothing more than LIVESTOCK to do with as they please MUST END.

  2. I'm a Brazilian retired electrical engineer. Interesting to watch the Sao Paulo governor supporting electrical vehicles. Brazil has what it takes… lots of Hydroelectric Power production with much more to be built as Brazil is hugely privileged with a hydroelectric power production potential beyond what is already built.

  3. The future is Chinese. Anything is better than America. And these cars are a fraction of the cost of American cars

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