64km/h car crash test in moscow.
As can be seen, the car has no structural integrity whatsoever.

I have seen pictures of this car published by the Moscow automotive press. I am not a Russian, but I have access to many information from the automotive presses. Anyway, pictures reveal that this car does NOT have a frame rail underneath the car, or on the chassis. As a weekend race-car builder, I would imagine that having two rails that run from the rear bumper to the front bumper, as an integral structure of the car, would improve the car’s safety significantly. It would also improve handling.


43 thoughts on “Chinese car crash test failure”

  1. How crumple zones work vs a lamp post.
    Europe/Japan – The front end crumples up to the A pillar to reduce the speed of impact and protect the occupants of the car.
    America – The car is built like a brick so the lamp post crumples instead of the car.
    China – The entire car, including the occupants, crumples up to the B or even C pillar in order to protect the lamp post.

  2. I like how no one notice that the car don't have air bags, any car during high speed could happens to be crunched, but this car don't have air bag.

  3. 老款奇瑞如果没看错的话 不知为什么没有安全气囊 但是真的要否定中国汽车吗?举个例子,BYD在电池技术上可是不逊于特斯拉的。我们需要更多的支持,而不是不屑的嘲弄,我们都是中国人!

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