Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism has acquired a fleet of cars made by Chinese company GAC Motor. The 90 GA8 and GS4 models will be integrated into the Ministry of Tourism’s company Transtur, and tourists will be able to rent the cars to explore the island on their own.


12 thoughts on “Chinese car maker GAC Motor lands in Cuban tourism market”

  1. I just don't get the point of people buying cars manufactured by Chinese Companies! First of, it's most probably just a rip-off of some other ORIGINAL car design! And most importantly, when's the last time you've seen a CHINESE thing last longer than the Corona Virus!

  2. Japanese and Korean vehicles are why better and Trusted with Great History. Communist country helping another communist country that oppress there own people.

  3. Renting a car in Cuba?
    I wouldn't. Most roads have a lot of potholes and rough.
    I may be able to drive only a few main routes.

  4. Chinese autos now are higher quality than rival Japanese. U.S. cars not even close to the fit and finish and high engineering standards.

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