Crash testing was held at 64km/h or approx. 40MPH.
Any hope of exporting this truck was shattered.


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37 thoughts on “Chinese Car, Truck Crash Testing”

  1. Holy shit… if you have deathwish buy this truck.

    worst of the worst ever seen. it looks they saved money on construction but at the end you get this, whole car is like accordion.

  2. The worst part about this is the Chinese PEOPLE have to drive vehicles like this, while their politicians use BMWs or a Mercedes. I even saw a guy leave a Politburo meeting in an Aston Martin!

  3. @RayAir1

    The cars likely bought in America won't be Chinese. They'll be Japanese. Safer and more reliable than American gas guzzlers (current Toyota recall excepted). Of course, to an ignorant yank like yourself, Japan and China are probably in the same location to you. Do yourself a favour a look at a world map. Yes, there is a world outside the states and not just Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam or Russia either. There are many more countries! Amazing, huh?!

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