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“China’s Changan Nataraj Hybrid is a car designed to provide excellent performance and energy conservation for consumers. This car uses hybrid technology to combine traditional gasoline engines with electric drive systems to more efficiently use fuel and energy during driving.

The Nataraj Hybrid is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with a maximum output power of 81 kW and an electric motor with a maximum output power of 50 kW. These two systems work together through an energy management system to achieve maximum efficiency in driving.

The car also has an optional intelligent four-wheel drive system, which makes the vehicle more stable and safe to drive on complex road conditions. At the same time, the vehicle has an automatic start-stop function and a regenerative braking system, which helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The Nataraj Hybrid also has a luxurious and comfortable interior and advanced technology features. This includes a 10.25-inch touch screen with voice recognition and navigation functions, as well as panoramic sunroof and automatic air conditioning. The vehicle is also equipped with multiple safety features, including adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring.

Specific parameters:

Engine type: 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine + electric motor
Maximum power: 81 kW (engine) + 50 kW (electric motor)
Maximum torque: 148 Nm (engine) + 135 Nm (electric motor)
Drive mode: Front-wheel drive / Optional four-wheel drive
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
Combined fuel consumption per 100 kilometers: 5.0 liters (front-wheel drive) / 5.3 liters (four-wheel drive)
Length / width / height: 4690 mm / 1820 mm / 1525 mm
Wheelbase: 2700 mm
Maximum luggage compartment volume: 1375 liters
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