I take you inside of some Chinese cars. Will they fill the void of European cars that left Russia? Will China once again reap the benefits from US Sanctions?
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20 thoughts on “Chinese Cars: Are they any good? And How Sanctions have hurt the European Car Industry.”

  1. I've got a GWM double cab for a couple of years now and got excellent service from it, so I'm going to keep it for a long time. I really don't care what others say or think, it works for me. ?

  2. You know u can change the voice lamguage to English… but hey, no harm in learning another language ? especially if youre living there it seems ?. Same with the 10-15km/h buffer here on Ontarios Highways ??

  3. Hope Indian automakers take this advantage and move into Russia. India had an great opportunity to export a lot to Russia and import oil reducing US dollars transaction improves our currency value and also gets cheap oil . India should look at its self importance and not worry about US bully.

  4. The Chinese auto industry is going to sweep its western/Japanese/Korean competitors, just like what have been happening in other industries. Only those that are manufacturing in China can remain in competition, but the price tag will go down significantly — which will be great news for consumers.

  5. The Chinese stole everything from the West including things the West never have which they stolen them from the aliens.

  6. Nobody go to buy a car with politics in mind.
    Considerations are budget, value for money, additional come along accessories etc.
    I'll buy if the Chinese EVs looks good, function well, price within my budget.

  7. As far as the sanctions for European and American cars in Russia – parallel import. Of course, more “budget” European and American cars will disappear. But Lamborghinis, Porsches, Range Rovers, Teslas, and Ford Raptors, will have no issues finding there way in. Furthermore, don’t you find it odd that European and American manufacturers left, while Korean and Japanese stayed?

  8. Yeah, about 10-15 years ago, Chinese cars were sub-par knockoffs of Japanese and European cars, and wouldn’t last 2 years. Now, they have their own design and have surpassed a lot of western and Japanese brands in what they have to offer for the money.

    But I do take issue with you claiming that Audi and BMW are quality cars. They used to be in the 1990’s. Now, they are flashy, overpriced, and high-maintenance. They break pretty quick and the parts cost 10x more than they do for the same part on an American or Japanese car.

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