Chinese cars are increasingly popular on the streets of Mexico. The cars’ low prices and aerodynamic designs are among the reasons why the vehicles are appealing to the country. Experts say the Mexican public also finds the cars to be technologically attractive.

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21 thoughts on “Chinese cars becoming popular in Mexico”

  1. Five years warranty and the price is a good start. The car/suv looks stylish as well but how is the quality of the vehicles.
    Just look at the negative comments about MG. In order for the car manufacture to succeed. They need to do all that is above and then some. Selling the car is the easy part. What about after sales such as customer services. Will the dealers tell the customers the honest truth about the work and parts are cover under warranty. Do they have honest mechanics…etc. These are things JAC or any other Chinese car manufactures should considers.

  2. I live in Spain and recently visited Dubai I've seen some chinese cars from JAC, that seemed like interesting SUV's like JAC S3, S7. If they are Good enough for Dubai, then I suppose they aren't that bád. I travel to México at least once a year, they have a healthy economy, beautiful beaches, some modern and nice cities and alot of Asían cars from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia. Next time I visit, there Will surely see JAC vehicles around. China's economy is growing at a steady rate, so dont be surprised if some chinese car brands show up in US soon.

  3. I bought a Chery suv in 2013 and until now it is working fine. It is half the price of a Toyota RAVE 4. China made cars are gaining popularity in Dubai.

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