Check out my recent video of chinese cars. Thx.
Chinese Cars Copy 2:
Chinese Cars Copy 3:
Chinese Cars Copy 4:

I’m not accusing the Chinese manufactures for these look alike vehicles that are shown or on any of my videos. These are the chinese cars that were used under licence and based on famous vehicles.


41 thoughts on “Chinese Cars “Copy””

  1. japan copy american products, and car before
    they steal the technology and improve it for cheap price.
    if you are born to invent new thing that was not invented before, then you must not be human.

  2. lol, i love it when you accuse one of the Chinese model copying more than one car at once, maybe if youre not that stupid you would have noticed that fail of the century.

  3. Yeah, the US has such a pristine history so unlike all of the other emerging markets.

    So tell us about how the US started out – violating and copying restricted patents such as the cotton gin….

    Such a sanctimonious & myopic view of history…

  4. Actually, they really don't in the sense you are referring. Once a design is public, its public.
    Ironically that is exactly how the US got started – research the US violating & copying & selling the patented cotton gin.
    Amazing how folks in the US aren't even familiar with their OWN history, let alone that of other cultures.

  5. Sit on it. They are selling them strictly to the Chinese. Of you don't like it, then go buy a GMC Colorado – or worse, their release of the Canyon – an even worse Colorado.

  6. Its a big disingenuous to accuse GMC of "copying" the mid sized Colorado as the Canyon when it is the same failed US vehicle stripped even further of safety devices such as air bags!
    A "copy" is technically something duplicated by 'someone else' in order to take advantage of an existing design. All GMC has done is further devalued an already lousy design & foisted it on the Chinese. – You might more accurately call it 'US payback'…

  7. Your video is a copy of other videos. And all the car we'v seen in the video are beautiful. Including the first"clone" for the ford fusion, seems more actual and modern.

  8. Call it what you want but in a reality, in some countries its called the Land Cruiser Prado that you saw on this video. For them, they just call it a Prado. Here in the U.S. we get the different kind of version as the Lexus GX which that wasnt on this video.

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