Hello everyone, you are on the Tip Top channel and today we have a video about Chinese cars! Chinese Auto Reach New Level. New 2023! The pace at which the Chinese auto industry is developing is amazing, the world has never seen such a rapid breakthrough in the variety of brands and models in such a short time, in the recent past, only 10 years ago, you could see only rare jeely and cherry on the roads at the price of AvtoVAZ, and on their background, even vases 2110 and grants looked like a better choice. Today, a huge percentage of the car flow of cities is made up of Chinese cars, the number of brands has already gone to dozens, and the variety of models has gone to hundreds, and although the stigma of a Chinese car is still somewhere in the minds of the most inveterate skeptics, these cars have forced themselves to be considered superior to competitors in terms of equipment , appearance, a set of options, and first of all the price. In this issue, we take a look at the new Chinese cars that will be on sale and on the roads in the near future, and some already this 2023. Chinese cars reach a new level! Novelties 2023.


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