There are some made in china cars that is being made by copying some international cars of famous car brand. Range Rover, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Porsche, Mini Cooper, BMW, Audi, Lexus and some more are really astonished to see the copy of their cars by Chinese Car brands. They are really the copy cats of the cars.


12 thoughts on “CHINESE COPY CARS”

  1. How do these car companies get away with this ? Shouldn't they get slammed with copyright infringement or does that only apply when someone makes a copy of a painting of Leonardo da Vinci ?

  2. Please stop! From just watching this video I become angry! Just do your own fucking cars! Stop Stelling car design and models! You people are to stupid for that! You can never achieve the same in cars as we Germans! ????

  3. I'm a Chinese, the Shanzhai car is regrettable, but these are history. Now the Chinese cars are becoming more and more independent and more excellent, such as WEY VV7, Geely Bolie, MG6, RoeweI6 (AI car), Qoros, LYNK&CO and BYD EV300, BYD xEV260.. and the red flag and the red flag are all very good. The car, if you get to know it, will be very interesting,Get to know it, you won't regret it
    By the way, cars and accessories are very perfect in China in the new century, the prices are super low, the times are changing, and Chinese cars are changing.
    我是中国人,山寨汽车 令人遗憾, 但是这些都是历史了,现在的中国汽车越来越独立,越来越优秀,例如WEY VV7 、吉利博瑞,MG6、RoeweI6(AI car)、Qoros、LYNK&CO 还有 byd EV300 、BYD xEV260 ..蔚来汽车 ES6和红旗H7 ..等等 都是非常不错的汽车

  4. Pathetic that the government won't step in and stop this. The reality is they profit from it as well, so there is zero interest in stopping it. And if you bring it up they deny it and get angry.

  5. Great job China, I don't find it similar like they claimed, but I find Hyundai and Honda very similar in many ways, they sound almost the same, their logos look very similar as well. I was mistaking Hyundai from Honda a lot, and sometimes Hyundai from Toyota also. Not to mention so many other cars look very similar to one another. If their country men did not invent car, they too are copycat, is that simple.  You just keep working on improving and innovating.

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