Chinese EV Invasion! The Electric Cars To Look Out For In 2021 (TESLA IN DANGER!?)
The buzz around EVs is heavily focused on Tesla , which sells more EVs per
hour than any other electric vehicle company in the world, and indeed more
than BMW, VW and Renault put together. Tesla’s fortunes have made it the
highest-valued car company in the world, and Elon Musk now the richest man in the world, overtaking Jeff Bezos. But while Tesla might be leading the charge for innovation, the huge Chinese market means that China makes 2.5 times as many cars as the USA, and this in turn means it’s a burgeoning player in EVs too. Not many Chinese EVs have arrived in the West, but they’re coming – and soon. Here are some of the brands and models to look out for, many of which could arrive in 2021.

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How NIO Plans To Beat Tesla In China

The $4000 Electric Car Dominating China


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46 thoughts on “Chinese EV Invasion! The Electric Cars To Look Out For In 2021 (TESLA IN DANGER!?)”

  1. The "CCP National Concentration Camp" under the control of the "CCP Anti-Human Terrorist Organization" is rich in copycat garbage trucks. The garbage pirated garbage assembled toy car with the highest spontaneous combustion rate. Abuse of technology to monitor, steal, kidnap, and harm all mankind. Very disgusting. The shameful media is even more disgusting.


  2. Competition is good = More advanced technology. Imagine we only have Tesla? They will not be motivated to invent more advanced technology if they are the only one in the market. So, yes to competition. ??

  3. Nothing to worry about…..once the potential buyers and onlookers realise it's just more of the same the Chinese cars will suddenly be just another EV waiting in line to be charged at non existing and far apart charge stations and waiting forever to be able to be charged at home.
    The biggest stumbling block for any EV is the size of the battery/consumption ratio……..get that wrong and you may as well catch a tram.
    The Nio with 1,000 km's range is very interesting though.
    I'm one of the biggest fans of EV but until they get more in line with what I really want I'll stay with my '96 Rav4 petrol burner.

  4. Not in 10 years time. The demand is so high making everyone to find easyly costumers. But in 10 years, after a market saturation ( 60-70 %) and ICE cars replacing the cards will be turned over. The first victims will be the legacy automakers. Tesla needs to keep hardly innovating to stay in front.

  5. Absolutely agree! WuLing Mini EV is an early example of low end disruption, targeting 1.2m vehicles in 2022. They were smart to utilize battery pack technologies from Octillion, whose founder was also the former chief engineer of Tesla. How can Western companies keep up?

  6. Tesla can manufacture in China (if it can't compete with Chinese EV) and export to US or Europe since the Tesla factory in Shanghai is efficent.

  7. Nio, byd, mg evs are nice design good cars. Nissan, toyota, honda, kia, hyundai, mercedese, audi, tata, mahindra etc all are also making best evs. Only expensive tesla is not enough for international market.

  8. in reality it is unlikely the US will allow these into America, 2nd they would not be safe , gotta remember where they are made, and there is the issue of slave labor

  9. well the Wuling little baby EV car wont win because
    1. range anxiety we want long ranges and that tiny Wuling EV has a small range.

    2. We like SUV's more because of the space and its beyond a trend.

    3. It will take a little longer to go electric because not all of us don't want a EV.

  10. These cars will be a threat to Tesla only if they let it be one. Tesla has the talent and resources to best their competitors of they choose to do so. Elon is not someone who is likely to be oblivious to competition . The Chinese may be doing us all a favor by pushing Tesla to increase competitiveness of it's already world class products.

  11. I wouldn’t buy Anything from China and if everyone else did they same they wouldn’t be the threat to the world that they are. Just look at the countries they are threatening Now!! Stop buying their cheap shite and put an end to them!

  12. Hey , thank you very much for your really informative content. Luv your vids. Hey what do you think about LKCO? It ist going throug the roof since some days now. But it is still in an early stage. May it be the next big Baidu? What do you think about that stock?

  13. i went to Tesla dealer to do a test drive. I can tell you that the business is not booming as we see in its stock performance. it is cooling off, not sure because of pandemic or not. The price is still too high for average user, it might just hit the top end market (people with good income). I ended up not buying it just because the price was a little bit too high for my income, also they are very bad in customer service (i deposited $100 for model y, told them to change to model 3 for me since it is cheaper. they decline to honor it and ask me to pay $100 for ordering model 3. really pissed me off. Whey a big company just look for $100. They chased me away at the end)

  14. If any company wants to make a 90 % of model 3 or y, it will cost their mass production car atleast 3x compared to to the cost to Tesla.
    Also they will have to invest 4x
    It will take them atleast 4 year of sincere hard work.
    Features apart from all general car,
    Climate control
    Constant research
    Production line efficiency and quantity
    Etc etc

  15. There’re no threat from one EV manufacturer to another. Legacy ICE vehicles manufacturers are feeling the threat if they slow to get onboard EV evolution.

  16. It’s about time that there will be more options to choose from but only a few may make over here to North America. Xpeng and Nio looks very promising. The others mentioned have a certain clientele but may not be enough demand to make it over here. Let’s hope they are welcomed over here.

  17. This video should send intense shock levels through the entire American car industry! The only thing they have going is cheaper ICE cars…but, that of course will soon change when EV's come down in price just a bit more. The American car industry is finished!

  18. Why would you give a video a "like" in the first minute of watching the intro, and decide to subscribe straight away, that's nonsensical.your video did warrant a thumbs up but please ask at the end.

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