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When it comes to solar cars, you may think of Lightyear 0, which is the world’s first mass-produced solar car designed by the Dutch Lightyear Motor Company, and is expected to be mass-produced soon at a price of 1.76 million yuan. Recently, China has also developed a solar car called “Tianjin”, which attracted great attention once it was released. Different from Lightyear 0, Tianjin is completely driven by pure solar energy, does not use any fossil fuels and external power sources, and achieves “zero emissions”. Lightyear 0, on the other hand, is solar-assisted. The solar module area of “Tianjin” is about 8.1 square meters, the battery energy ratio is 330Wh/kg, and the autonomous driving level reaches L4 level and above. However, the research and development of this pure solar car is very difficult, so what are the difficulties in its R&D? How was it developed?

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