Chinese car manufacturer Human Horizons have made a crazy new electric SUV; the HiPhi X. A $120,000 machine that has gullwing and suicide doors, produces 598HP and can reach 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds. Today Domi gives us a first look at the potential Tesla competitor. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to the 66 Group for letting us check out the HiPhi X:

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47 thoughts on “Chinese Gullwing Luxury SUV | HiPhi X”

  1. Wont gamble with Chinese anything until market tested and proven. Not sure how reliable and safe it is. Irather stick with German or Korean.

  2. Stop pointing or inventing bad points because maybe it’s Chinese they are doing great !! This car is cool ! The back seats are not electric because it’s additional seats

    I like this car and as a not Chinese person I’m prions to see new high technology cars from “south countries”

  3. This SUV model looks good, nothing to say, but for the sum of 120,000 USD, I would buy the American Hummer EV truck, 100% electric, with my eyes closed.

  4. China is getting there to be honest. The price is a bit too much I think but once they sold enough to the public and break even, they can get like 45-65k for it easy in my opinion.

  5. Nice design, but what's the point of a semi-gullwing door? Couldn't they make their mind up? A normal rear passenger door, of which there's half would be far more stylish and a far easier and practical design.

  6. Futuristic? Overengineered… If I want to get to the back seats, I have to push 2 times the door Button, wait till it opens, put the seat to the front ( more time to wait) and get in.. ain't nobody have time for that. And after I got in, how do I close the doors ?

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