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This week HMD Global launched HMD Mobile, its own MVNO, Nio became the first premium Chinese car to enter Europe, and Twitter announced a ton of new content features like a Tip Jar.

The Friday Checkout – Episode 46

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0:45 Release Highlights
1:46 Nokia carrier
4:18 Chinese cars in Europe
5:28 Twitter on a roll


36 thoughts on “Chinese luxury cars have entered Europe”

  1. It's so disappointing that A. only small part of the video is about the title and B. the subject in the title is not the first one covered. Correct me if I'm wrong but this channel was not like that right?

  2. Lots of NIO cars driving around here in Shanghai. Among all the new e-vehicle brands, it is among the most popular and best designed. I don't know anything about the specs or whether they are well built.

  3. Oh man. Does ever this guy speak in his videos abaut the thing hi writes in the title?
    All i could see in this video was a twitter comercial and for a fiew seconds, something about NEO cars that are sold in Norway

  4. The video is titled "Chinese luxury car have entered Europe" which only amount to 50 seconds out of 9 minutes and.38 seconds. Why wasn't it titled after the after 3 minutes 33 second Nokia Carrier story?

  5. European Car Manufacturers should take this Electric Era to Work Together to produce eVehicles & eBike for the World in Europe & learn from the previous mistakes of subcontracting almost everything to Asia! ????

  6. Wow now twitter is useless with audio conversations stolen from another app just like facebook would do ? nice change of strategy ?
    why is twitter so over represented? 300 mil users is nothing and most of them are actually just politicians who's opinion can be read in the news already. I don't get why people waste time on that platform ?‍♂️

  7. Here in Australia, Chinese made products are always, or have been, deemed to be cheap and low quality. As opposed to across the Sea of Japan, where Japanese products are well made, and quality. Have things changed? Are these Chinese cars high quality, on par with Mercedes and BMW?

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