This year, on January 19th, a 27-year-old girl in Northeast China was urged to get married by her mother and aunt. She was embarrassed and annoyed at the same time, covering her head with her clothes and declaring she couldn’t take it anymore.
The scene has resonated with many people. Comments that got a lot of votes from netizens were “I feel suffocated across the screen” and “this is why young people don’t like to go home”.

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36 thoughts on “Chinese New Year brings dread to unmarried people/Low fertility leads society to add pressure”

  1. Shid, I'm a Malaysian and my mom urges me to get married. I'm the only unmarried in my small circle of friends. I'm 31 this year and a woman. The only thing is most Malay men only want girls who look like East Asian girls, fair skin and stuff. They'll likely ghost you after meeting so how the hell should I find a man? No, I'm not creepy, I'm just anxious of talking to strangers. I'm pretty much introvert. I know most of them will ghost me after meeting. That's why I don't dating anymore. Shid sucks and waste my time. I'm contemplating on getting my tubes tied or not having uterus altogether.

  2. I married my Chinese wife last year when she was 29. Now her mother is harassing her for grandchildren. Talk about moving the goalposts.

  3. Damn. That looks horrible. Come over to the Philippines and find a nice Filipina man or woman and build a nice life here. That is what I am doing. Filipinos are awesome and fresh fruit and awesome weather year round is hard to beat.

  4. It's ot about disgrace. If you get children past 35, your parents will be too old to help you raise kids, and you will have young children and elder parents to care for at the same time.

  5. China is so concerned with superficial appearances to the public and others around that they would rather be rotten, fake and miserable inside than be the oposite – fair, proper, happy and doing the right thing for themselves. The whole "culture" is just fucked. How are these parents even PARENTS is my question. The parents are miserable and they just hate the fact that their kids don't want that. Don't even get me started on the economical side of things…..

  6. I’m not Asian so I don’t fully understand the situation but I always though parental encouragement looked like this. They just talk shit to you until you show results.

  7. The parents are so unempathetic and have no insight of the big picture going on they blame their poor kids. So unfair. I found my soon to be husband at mid thirties.

  8. Doesn't dying alone applies to married people as well? If one of partners died, then the one left will end up dying alone in future

    911 on the other ha–

  9. Not just China… it's the toxicity of the western world way of thinking. It's happening in all western countries. Just in China, there's still that conflict with the old eastern way of thinking.

  10. Now that’s a sin, they can’t force their kids to get married. This is when stupid Chinese people should stop and think about all the mistakes they have done, and are still doing. Hope God destroys this race as soon as possible, before they start destroying the rest of the world, with their stupid ideals

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