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Top Chinese EV maker Nio has released its second-generation battery-swap station, which can automatically change an electric vehicle’s battery pack. The service has been welcomed by customers. Nio has completed more than 800 battery-swap stations in China as of February 2022 and it plans to build a total of 1300 by the end of 2022. Many other EV and battery makers in China have begun building battery-swap stations.

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26 thoughts on “Chinese smart-battery swap stations can change EV batteries automatically”

  1. The CCP is done for, no amount of technology or fancy batteries is gonna change that. The possibility of them becoming the wealthiest country in the world is gone and never coming back, especially with Xi in charge, possibly forever.

    He’s way to Mao Zedong like minded and doesn’t care about anything but the military and beating USA. All he wants is to keep the country locked down and making sure everyone is brainwashed. Can’t succeed with an agenda like that. Bye, bye CCP!

  2. Here is my idea for electric vehicles. Briefcase or small luggage size lightweight batteries that you can swap out at any gas station for a fully charged one similar to how propane tanks are exchanged. You would be able to locate charging stations using a app based upon your vehicle brand similar to ATM location apps. You would swipe your card dispense a new battery and exchange it for a empty one failure to replace with an empty one would result in a additional charge for the full price of the battery. PS if anybody use my idea I want my cut.

  3. 100% the only way ev will take off at the moment in Europe its not going to happen there need to be a standard size for the battery that all manufacturers work to, it will solve 90% of the problems of having an ev cost/ charging at home and the fact that in 10 years ur car is worth nothing and its crazy money to get a new battery, it just isn't feasible in the long run, but driving to a station and getting a new battery in minutes definitely is, could even improve the idea and have it like a car wash just drive through and it does the hole thing 3/4 cars at the same time will even work on buses HGV vans just use more battery's ? the idea is so simple and there is no reason y it won't work and is the only way it can in the long run

  4. This is pretty genius. And it not only fixes the 'having to wait for your EV to be charged' problem but also the planned obsolescence that comes with non-removable batteries.

  5. Requires a standardisation of batteries between brands. It is questionable if manufacturers. Also, you do not know the quality of the battery that is put in place of your original battery.

  6. I really don't see a need for this unless for busses where it actually does take more than 15 min to charge. I mean, gas takes 10 min, for an extra 5 minutes seems like this will be obsolete soon enough. Nice try fake news by Nio.

  7. I remember Elon Musk demonstrated the idea years ago but that never progressed from prototype i suppose.
    This would have great applications for ev market, especially commercial/ industrial ev segment.

  8. We have something similar in Indonesia but for scooters. The stations are located in front of convenient stores, so just as regular gas station you can also buy snacks while changing your battery. This concept should be more widespread as it's much faster and convenient than chargers like Tesla. Most people doesn't have the luxury to wait 30+ mins outside everyday just to charge their cars/scooters.

  9. This will not work for a very long time. You have to remember that right now for every car they build they have to build an extra battery pack. Battery being the most expensive component of an electric vehicle. This is a financial disaster for Nio.
    How about different models that require different size and shape of batteries? A pickup truck won't use the same battery pack as a small car. Then comes newer models with newer battery technology. They can't just switch over. They will again lose so much money to transition over. I don't see how this can work out

  10. I wonder how much impact there would/could be to real-life swap scenarios at the station where weather/road filth build-up on the car may have on the swapping process or if there's a mandatory requirement or included service to freshly wash the undercarriage before swapping the batteries ….

  11. this makes so much sense. and we wont have to worry about replacing batteries anymore. which will make elon musk very sad since he can no longer sell replacement batteries. lols

  12. This seems cool unless you actually think about it. How do you feel about ditching your new battery with one that has degraded charge potential?

  13. Why do cars have to back in?

    Why not let cars pull right into the station and when done, pull straight out? No need to back up at all.

    Faster that way.

  14. Not a durable nor a solution for the future : amount of useless stored batteries in each swap stations, frozen form factor, the batt can't be structural, the best design ( " skateboard batt") can't be used, you never know the quality of the batt you get.
    And all this just for 1/5 times a year and 90 to 99% of domestic charges.
    It's a temporary solution.
    Ultra hi speed charge is coming, ruining all this costly infrastructure.

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