‘China probably could tell us who went to those No 10 lockdown parties’

Mark Dolan, Josh Howie, and Eddy Brimson react to an article in The i | Tory MP leads warning over UK security after Chinese spyware ‘found in Government car’

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23 thoughts on “Chinese spyware 'found in Government car' | Headliners”

  1. On theses days you can be in surveillance on any kind of phone. It can track your movements, recording upfront and back cameras, your daily travelling milage, your walking speed, pulse beating on distance, recording keyboard typing, webpages you’re visited on, interference with other devices on the range as well as your charging device or charging cable.

  2. Many years ago MI5 did this to Gerry Adams' Mondeo – quite a feat since it must have been embedded in the dashboard at the factory. I'd love to know how the MP came to be aware of this spyware/hardware.

  3. Like the Chinese give a shit about small time Britain ?
    GB News anti-Chinese propaganda continues… Your American masters will be proud of you. I bet you won't admit about how much spying the Americans do to Britain, just like that time they were tapping Angela Merkel's phone ??

  4. Conservatives disliked Hauweii 5G but they like it in their cars.
    When they are voted out they will be employed on a 'consultantcy' for the Chinese Communist Party.
    Now, please tell us failed MP what that tidy female saw in Matt Hancock ?

  5. Our politicians make a lot of money from Chinese interests which is why they won't denounce them. Spineless greedy muppets and their WEF obsession got them here. They're all a disgrace, we need a full political irrigation.

  6. Just making sure they're keeping up with pushing the social credit score system or not spilling beans about it coming from a lab and being a weapon of germ warfare.

  7. The COOP Supermarkets have started using AI facial recognition cameras that are supplied by a Chinese firm that it's database is run by the Chinese Government.

  8. What r you are complaining about. You spent decades praising china for the production of low cost manufactured goods. Chasing the all mighty dollar, pound and euro in profits from manufacturing there and buying their products. To the point where governments start buying chinese products. And now all of a sudden because China showed its true colours, you start bawling about china's cheap goods being used to spy on your government officials and companies and populace at large? Bawl less and think more . Be less greedy for profits coming from made in china's products. Less bawling more discerning choices and actions.

  9. "Chinese spyware found in Government car", well, imagine my surprise… there probably wasn't enough rainbows painted on them to deter them.

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