Ferrari has been at the top of the supercar food chain for decades; plenty of brands have tried to take down the titan and failed. But now, a new competitor has appeared, and it’s packing 1400 horsepower from a hybrid drivetrain. Hailing all the way from China, the Hongqi S9 will be built in Italy and sold around the globe. Featuring a stunning aerodynamic exterior and luxury two-seater interior, the S9 supercar might just be the next best hypercar of 2022.

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39 thoughts on “Chinese Supercars Are Here, And They Will CRUSH Ferrari…”

  1. Never Will be,,, for more perfornance , than they have chinese Cars Will be a trash ,Ferrari and Lamborghini have a Big soul Forever !! Italian Cars the Best prestige !! Forever!!

  2. Hongqi vs Ferrari. It's all about the beauty of sound and language. FERRARI sounds beautiful. Hongqi sounds..mmm..well.. not as beautiful.

  3. Well not being political, but truth is when you can take another exotic brand example, or examples. Add in resources in Capital & you could nearly duplicate anything you want. Intellectual Property is valuable due to the amount of engineering hours & manpower to reach the end goal. Start at the finish line & it’s not surprising.

  4. The design lacks a fat ass. To get the emotional response, its has to start with a howling screaming V12 or W12… Or a Benz Quad valve V8 quad turbo

  5. It would be a great car for someone that does business with China and has pictures on his laptop with his dad. Also our university professor that helped develop Covid with China.

  6. The Chinese will never match the quality and the originality of an actual Ferrari looks don't matter if ur care doesn't last longer then 6 months there's a reason why Ferrari are timeless and always go up in value and never down

  7. Bout time china has been building super cars stuff for years bmw and Merc and alot of Germans and euros and all the other parts from round the world and cars china is true world leader in most things I say learn Chinese as if you want to work in a good job someday you will need to speak Chinese biggest econamy in the world a new millionaire ever 30mins or so and we'll they build many other cars already that we have in the world of various makes and own co trolling shares in so many company's now I don't mind if they keep the dictator bit to themselves and let the rest of the world Conti ur tho king they are the best wherever they live and they co to use to supply me with quality products that I buy proudly as a kiwi by way of australia all the political crap to me is just that we are a world were success is measured in bow much stuff you have and we'll ill be honest I buy Chinese stuff all the time I find them very honest ppl to deal with there's one or two that make it bad for all of us but that's the same with all races and country's 1 or two hurt the stuff for everyone so if everyone just does what they say they will and also keeps cool and shoes respect I Beleive that the political stuff should be left up to business men and we should make politics and stop this king everyone's out to get everyone you can't have peace in the world till you have peace in yourself if your leader is in peace and actually cares about the people they lead then your world will be great but you need to check the ego at the door

  8. One of the best looking rears for a car. Old school super car type. Lots of cars these days lose the rear with just nothing and tail lights. This is a good look for me.

  9. Chinese Build Brands
    + Smartphones
    – Xiaomi Mi 12 VS Samsung Galaxy S22 VS iPhone 13 Serie
    + Motorcycles
    – Hanway G30 VS Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 VS Yezdi Adventure
    + Normal Car
    – Chery Tiggo 3 VS TOYOTA COLLORA CROSS VS Toyota C-HR
    + EV Car
    – Byton M-Byte1 VS TESLA MODEL Y
    + Supercar
    – Qiantu K50 VS BMW M6 Coupe VS Mercedes Benz S-Coupe
    + Hypercar
    – NIO EP9 ($1.48m) VS Drako GTE ($1.2m) VS Dendrobium D-1 ($1.2m to $1.4m)

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