A team from Tianjin has developed an EV called the “Tianjin” that is powered entirely by solar energy and claims to use no fossil fuels or external power sources, making it truly emission-free, according to a July 5 report in the local Jinyun News.

The vehicle is a compact car, measuring 4,080 mm, 1,770 mm and 1,811 mm in length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,850 mm and a weight of 1,020 kg.

The EV has a solar module area of 8.1 square meters and generates a maximum of 7.6 kWh of electricity per day on a sunny day.



17 thoughts on “Chinese team develops EV powered solely by solar energy”

  1. Totally cool. The minimalist seating idea is nice but not very comfortable or safe. No seat belts, no back rest and no padding. An accident or a fast stop will have the back seat passengers on their heads. Plus the back strain on the back seat passengers with no back rest on the back seat is a recipe for Chiropractor visits and possible lawsuits. Especially in the U.S. where everyone is sue crazy.

  2. A car like a car, but the goal is different: everyone must see these idiots with rags on their faces! After all, the immune system of their organisms will collapse, not to mention the overload of CO².

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