A 5-star rating for the newcomer 2023 BYD ATTO 3 (in China known as Yuan Plus) continues the run of success for Chinese brands in Euro NCAP, following similar results for WEY and ORA in the last publication. An acronym for “Build Your Dreams”, BYD has in fact had a presence in Europe for over a decade in the form of buses, but the arrival of the ATTO 3 is the vehicle that will bring BYD to the masses.

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✅ Source: Euro NCAP

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10 thoughts on “Crash Test Chinese Car – The BYD Atto 3”

  1. the side pole crash has even at only 32Km/h an impact that deep, that is not a safe car. strange how that gets 5 stars but the much safer newer fiat panda gets a low safety rating. i wouldnt buy this chinaware. ?

  2. How much did they pay to bribe test center for that BS? No thanks to Chinese made products as they support Russias invasion of Ukraine.

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