Same engine is in the John Deere 825i Gators.

Tools I used:
Makita Cordless Ratchet AWESOME:
Cylinder Hone:
Piston Ring compressor:
Gasket Maker I prefer to use on everything:

Because so many ask:
Pocket Knife I Daily Carry USA MADE S30V steel:
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Thoughts: The engine itself isn’t that bad and probably the highest quality thing on this machine. The rest is definitely China budget quality. A few manufactures have had the ultra compact car; the Chery QQ converted into an off road machine. This Oreion Reeper and the Joyner Trooper being the most popular. Would I buy one? Probably Not. It is going to be a constant maintenance machine with non-stop breakage, especially if you take it off road. You would be better off with a 10-15year old name brand Side X Side. If you want to road drive a machine though, this would be a decent option. It already has a horn, turn signals, headlights, windshield with wipers and fluid, radio, etc. It has better road/pavement manners than a true side by side UTV which is to be expected since it’s essentially just a compact car.

WHY it ate the piston rings on only #3. I think it was due to low oil and the 3rd piston being the last one on the oiling circuit. There wasn’t enough oil to spray up though the squirter to cool and lubricate the 3rd piston.

Where I bought OEM Chery parts from: Ali Express
Chery SQR 372 800cc
3 cylinder 12 Valve
51hp/51ftlbs torque 6000rpm
2014 Oreion Reeper 4×4
Chery QQ
Joyner Trooper
Duruxx DRX2 DRX3
John Deere Gator 825i

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