Europe will be flooded with superior budget priced Chinese EVs

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23 thoughts on “Europe will be flooded with superior budget priced Chinese EVs”

  1. Sam, I agree. The quality, choice, price and manufacturing advantages for Chinese EV makers do not hark well for Legacy manufactures in UK, Europe and USA.
    Huge EV investments with only niche markets left… and governments mandating against ICE cars…

    Maybe the future will be the same as Australia – lost all our car manufacturing as we could no longer compete on costs or more complex R & D and aging manufacturing equipment, plus unachievable sales volumes needed. Before that we lost most of our clothing manufacturing, hardware….

    Uncertain times ahead for many manufacturers, lots of debt and lots of brand names.

    Maybe the Japanese are wise to hang back, continue with more efficient hybrids, hedge their bets with hydrogen options, and wait until future generations of battery technology gives them different advantages…..

  2. VW is losing market share big time in China as are MB, BMW, and Audi for good reasons. It will soon spread over to other countries.The only way for these comapnies to survive is to make the EV in China through their local JV partners and export it worldwide. Consumers are not stupid, they will figure out that it is made of the same materials and technology as a 20K Nita.

  3. Say Geely own Volvo they do not make bad cars are just mind-blowing that not Market understand What vars China can deliver are not care of say Have Bad country when are Countries deal with Saudi Arabia and lot worse Countries than China are so are Just Says China are lot less worse than many other countries are do Ok deal with Dictators and Arabic countries that woman Rights problems but Problem buy Cars are Chinese when all Cars Feul or electric all have Chinese parts inside so Who decide That people not get those cheaper Electric Cars When have No problem buy Other Chinese products like Mobile phones are Much about Electric cars Used same Tech are inside mobiles are same battery tech are same Processors are lot are same are Electric cars actually use Android for System Work in so are Needs step out from this mindset that China make bad Cars they do not they do like all car makers do Cheaper to Expensive luxury cars and we Just lock in to only buy Some brands are new brands China leading Electric car Market so why do not Car Dealers Sell Chinese made cars also are If Car Sale dealers like to survive they need to start Import cheaper electric cars people afford buy for if do that Rest must follow are so put pressure on own car Builders do better but also push down prices are Way More Expensive than should be are No Value In buy a Middle Range Car for 50 000$ are crazy prices take out when are actually Cheaper Too make electric cars than are make Feul Cars do How can Electric car cost that much more for not say are New are Have Nissan ,Golf electric are 15 year old so are not new are just oil Brain washed Car industry that not Want to change China done that already so Car dealers need to change with That Give people Cheaper Chineese brands they are Not In any Ways less better than Those American European cars are Actually get a Way Betrer Chinese Car for 50 000$ If Pay that get Luxury car are when Market sleeps are No worse buy something for China made when Can buy oil from Saudi are har get worse than that Country is in Human Rights so use BS for not Hold up competition are say More Car dealers should drop those Cars not like be on future and start Import Cars already in future ?????

  4. Stock prices are coming down because of economic conditions – money is heading for bonds and other safer, inflation-proof investments. With the increase in electricity prices, EVs are becoming less popular. Where's the extra electricity coming from in Europe for new EVs – more coal fired power plants with resultant far higher CO2 emissions per km than petrol cars ? User experience can be improved far more by improved software, not faster CPUs.

  5. Agree – to some degree. People do not want EVs in Norway and China – they are basically forced by the government tax policy. People want cheep transportation – thats why cheap EVs will do well. Expensive EVs will struggle once the second hand value adjusts for age of battery etc.

  6. Gas cars are not selling simply because supply chains got destroyed in Covid and now inflation has caused cost push inflation that people cannot afford. They're daily expenses are up 50% since 2020 so a car that costs 35% more isn't gonna happen. And it's not, except for a handful of fools.

  7. If Europe has any sense they will ban Chinese imports of EVs because if they don’t the likes of Mercedes and BMW as well as the rest of European vehicle manufacturers will be wiped out,,cannot understand why the UK hasn’t stopped MG from selling their products here without massive import charges on them.

  8. Maybe I should look to buy LI AUTO and NIO shares. I’ve gone all in on vegan stocks but maybe I should start buying some of these EV stocks . Really enjoyed the vids you put out , thanks.

  9. why aren't they cheaper already now, while establishing unknown brands to EU? prices are ridiculously high, compared to the ones they have in China and legacy brands in EU.. (is someone gonna buy BYD Atto3 or Kona / ID3 / e-2008 for basically same money? Chinese compacts should start at around 25k€ with 7+ years warranty to make a difference in EU.. Dolphin at 20k€

  10. At first everything will beautiful – efficient inexpensive EV's … and then when the problems crop up you will discover the apathy of the Chinese to fix what went wrong. Their entire manufacturing emphasis is to get the product out the door for the least amount of cost possible. Customer service and product warrantee work IS NOT ON THEIR RADAR. Let the buyer beware – don't be the first customers – let the dust settle to see what the issues are and how they are being handled. You are buying from a company with no history. The technology is changing rapidly so lease if you must have one.

  11. China invested in this long ago as they knew they couldn't totally disrupt the IC establishment. In Japan; try buying a Chinese vehicle – or even a Korean one.Very restrictive. The Japanese market is ring fenced by the local players. Without real innovation, it's a one way downhill street for them in a shrinking local market. Japan culture is possibly more nuanced when it comes to indirect criticism. Unfortunately, even their best meaning journalists won't save them.
    Of course, autonous driving is going to have to be the norm as manufacturers continue with ergonomically challenged touch screens….

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