Kandi Technologies may be the first Chinese auto manufacturer to start selling its electric cars EX3 and K22 in the United States. Let’s talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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43 thoughts on “First Chinese Electric Cars to be Sold in the US? | Kandi EX3 & K22”

  1. Does it come with ludicrous mode, I'm in. 0-60 in how many seconds? That and can you make it with a girl in this? Will a girl even let you take her to a date in this?

  2. If you think Kandi is a funny name for america.
    Well trump means fart in the UK.
    And americans keeping banging on about fanny packs.. Fanny in the UK, it means female genitals .

  3. Did you hear the announcement " Kandi Brings America’s Most Affordable Electric Vehicles to Market, Announces August 18 Virtual Event to Kick-off Pre-Sales " Their stock- KNDI , just took off!

  4. hello and thanks for sharing the info. new to KNDI, but grabbed a few- around $4 now. Still looking into company – curious if this contract has been killed in today's political climate – i hope not.
    I was drawn in by the car-share vending machines. i hope you're well and thanks again.

  5. Wait i thought you were in pakistan or from some arabian country. You got like an Indian lol wait i can't get i thin its arabian… So are based in arabia. But travel over to countries.. Im confused with u lol

  6. Geely GLeagle EX3 I purchased this car 4 months ago and it has been in for repairs 4 times due to electronic/battery failure upon start-up. This last time it had to be taken back to the factory where, for the past 6 weeks, they have done nothing to seek out the problem. After contacting a lawyer, they are claiming we have to pay an additional 10,000RMB (approx. $1,400 USD) for them to repair it. Their claim upon our purchase is that anything and everything, from bumper to bumper, is warrantied for the life of our ownership of the car. Think twice before purchasing!!!

  7. For the price , I would definitely to get one. In the recent years, the Chinese have been doing really well in the high tech sector, just wish that they can come to Canada.

  8. You are your own worst enemy if you buy a Chinese car while already in a trade deficit, being challenge in international waters, having American's closing plants and shipping jobs to China and having them undermine your efforts to denuke North Korea. Stand up for yourselves using your power as consumers!

  9. I'm in New Zealand. Would definitely consider a Chinese Ev if it met safety standards. They make everything else. Parts prices would be good. Right now I'm enjoying converting a car but if I could afford new I would totally consider it. Not sure why you dislike interior of the suv as it has a european look to me. Don't need Tesla clones.

  10. I will most likely own one of these cars as my “city-driver”….Currently I drive a Lexus suv as my in-town car…rarely do I exceed more than 30 miles total travel on any one day…I’ve never owned an EV….but would be more than willing to give it a try especially at the price points mentioned….also, I’m getting tired of paying for all the fuel required to feed an 8 cylinder engine…just saying

  11. In the part of the UK I live in the speed limits are constantly being revised down. It is becoming quite difficult to find a non motorway road with a speed limit higher than 60 and many are now 40-50 mph so a low top speed really doesn't matter for a small commuter car. I am not sure that a car being Chinese would put me off if the price were right and it drove well. Years ago we all thought Korean cars were rubbish and now they are really great.

  12. The sport coupe Qiantu K50 from China is going to be sold through Mullen USA, but it’s most likely a $100k+ car (with a less than 200 mile range). It’s pretty cool-looking, though.

  13. If you know anything about China you know that the Chinese don't buy Chinese cars. There's a mentality that only poor people who can't buy anything better by these brands.

  14. The name is actually Chinese, 康迪 (which is actually 'kangdi'). The Chinese Mandarin pronunciation of 'Kandi' would actually be more 'Con-di'. I can't find the name in a Chinese dictionary as a phrase but the individual characters would be 康 = 'healthy' (adjective) and 迪 = 'road' or 'reason' (noun).

  15. If they build a factory in the US and hire American workers to build the bulk of the car and follow current import limitations on supplier parts, that’s good, and what the POTUS encourages. Doesn’t matter if it’s kandi, Tesla, GM or Ford, build it in America, or a country with compatible pay scale and worker protection.

    I personally believe the EV incentives need to be part of the trade negotiations. If foreign countries gives US manufacturers $100 million in direct incentives (not a discount on inflated tariffs), then the US needs to give $100 million incentives to vehicles from that country, as long as that county is on equal economic trading like Germany, Canada, etc.

    The problem with the Chinese Kandi 22 is that the only ones cho can qualify for the $7500 tax credit will be rich people buying it for their 16 year old kids to drive to school. Otherwise they need a bank with lots of taxable income to make a bunch of lease deals where they can claim the $7500 and least the cars for $100/month like the iMiev in California for the ZEV credits.

    Let’s see how trade negotiations go with China because we will not allow cheap labor to flood the US market and kill our industry.

    And those who think China is paying $15/hour to factory workers need to get real. They make $300/month.

    And those who say the labor cost for a car are only 5% of the cost need to wake up. Because the materials are the cheapest part, but turning those into seats, steering wheels, frames, axles, motors is what cost a lot of man-hours, and $2/hr vs $20/hr is a big difference.

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