Ford, Changan Ford and’s Tmall Vehicle launched a brand new brand experience pilot program to provide consumers with a “Super Test Drive” service. The project will use a combination of online digital technaology and offline entities to provide consumers with a more convenient, efficient, and in-depth test drive experience, and ultimately lead potential consumers to the Ford brand more accurately. Authorize dealerships and ultimately help facilitate offline transactions.

From now on until April 23, Ford will enter the “Super Test Drive” vending machine building located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou as the exclusive co-brand of Tmall. The whole building is equipped with intelligent lifting system and advanced identity authentication system. It can accommodate up to 42 cars at a time. Ford Motor Company, Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. and Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. provide up to ten Ford brand models for consumers to test drive test experience, including domestic models such as car products Taurus, new Mondeo, SUV products Maverick, Ruijie and Qilu Imported models such as full-size SUV explorers; Ford Mustang, a classic American muscle sports car sought after by consumers, joined this wonderful lineup.

Consumers can complete the “Super Test Drive” appointment process via mobile phone Taobao or Tmall: enter the keyword “super test drive”, user-friendly operation interface can guide consumers to choose the favorite Ford model and test drive time; pay a small amount of test Driving expenses and car purchase intention, filling in personal information and performing selfie self-timer, you can complete online booking. After that, the test drive user went to the Guangzhou “Super Test Drive” vending machine to perform a “face brushing” self-service pick-up on the spot and started a three-day deep test drive experience.

During these three days, test drive users can fully understand the vehicle’s product performance in typical life scenarios such as daily commuting, shopping and parking, and family outings, thereby making more efficient and rational purchase decisions. After returning the vehicle in three days, the user can make a test drive reservation again; or go to a local Ford Authorized Dealer Store for further consultation. If the purchase transaction is finally reached, the test drive fee can be returned.

It is worth mentioning that with Alibaba’s digital technology and big data, Tmall will evaluate its potential purchasing power based on consumers’ sesame credit scores and naughty values, and give them different degrees of test drive fees and incentives to purchase cars. Help gather potential customers who are interested in purchasing Ford brand vehicles.

In December last year, Tmall Automobile’s “Super Test Drive” vending machine was opened in Shanghai and Nanjing respectively. This time, the “Super Test Drive” new brand experience pilot project launched in Guangzhou is the first form of exclusive cooperation between Tmall and the brand, which fully demonstrates the great importance that Ford Motor and Alibaba attach to this cooperation, and also marks the two parties’ Deepen the field of strategic cooperation.

In the future, taking advantage of Ford’s experience in global business operations and dealer management, as well as Alibaba’s extensive experience in cloud computing and data technologies, both parties will continue to explore business in the areas of smart mobile, car networking, digital marketing and artificial intelligence. Cooperation opportunities are dedicated to revolutionizing consumers’ smart mobile travel experience, ultimately bringing more convenience to consumers’ lives.


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