Gas powered cars will DIE within 7 years – gas resale will crash

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50 thoughts on “Gas powered cars will DIE within 7 years – gas resale will crash”

  1. I’m not selling my GTR R32, sorry, i know EV car will be faster, but the feel of driving a turbo car. Is so fun

  2. If EVs are going to get much cheaper in the near future you would be Crazy to buy one now. For example base model Hyundai Kona Electric costs over 50% more than the mid spec petrol version. Why would you pay that premium if EVs are going to be much cheaper in 1-2 years?
    The price of used EVs could crash as new cheaper models are introduced – especially older EVs that are nearing the time when the battery pack requires replacement.

  3. As more of the market shifts to EVs ICE cars will go down in value. I suggest that the plunging value of ICE cars will mean that many low income people will be able to afford nice vehicles for bargain prices…albeit not electric. These ICE cars will be on the road for years to come unless some scheme is adopted to get them into the crusher. EV adoptions is only half the solution.

  4. EV will beat out car but EV trucks are bad over price poor towing range in America most people work their trucks hard and beat the hell out of them at the jobs site most F150 will be gas the boss drives the $90000 plus Lighting

  5. So if I want a cheap second hand petrol car, I just need to wait a few years, cool. I think we still need more EV's available on the market in Australia and a bigger charging network. I'd buy an EV, if they were more available and more affordable, they are not, so I'll stick with my 14 year old car, it is still in good condition and is reliable.
    I ride motorcycles, have for 50 years, I'm buying an electric motorcycle early 2023, Savic C Series, made in Melbourne. It will be interesting riding a full sized electric motorcycle, I currently ride a 1340cc V twin that is 34 years old, I expect it will be quite different.

  6. a few questions, 1 reliability i.e. battery life and cost of replacements, 2 infrastructure and burden on the energy grid, 3 increased mining and energy that goes into getting the critical minerals for these cars and green technologies is mind boggling.

  7. One Million Seconds = 12 Days
    One Billion Seconds = 31 Years
    One Trillion Seconds = 31,688 Years
    Time. People. Distance. Money. It's the same formula, no matter the labels

  8. China new energy car sale surge this year has one factor that cannot be ignored. It is government incentive is coming to an end. This is to say, in government judgement, EV industry can now sustain itself and be competitive against ICE.

  9. not gonna happen. the end of globalization ends all these cheap materials- EVs are not efficient. worst for the environment. dont believe the hype.

  10. The end is coming for electric cars. People wake up. I seriously doubt that your predictions are correct. Electric cars take time to charge, are limited by distance ability and i have known umpteen people that have had serious problems and have reverted back

  11. For people living in warm countries, an EV is a mobile office/bed with AC.
    I couldn’t use my ICE AC because I had to keep the engine running the entire time. I can sleep in an EV …. saving on renting a hotel room with AC.

  12. Personally, I think that the U.S. government will do another "cash for clunkers" deal, offering a few thousand dollars tax credit on trades between gas-powered cars and truck s and EVs.

  13. I agree in part with your assessment, but when gas demand goes down, wont the price also go down? Until all these EV owners have to start replacing their batteries that will cost more than the vehicle is worth. Then what happens, tons of EV vehicles nobody wants. I would love to have one now to commute to work, but the cost just doesn't justify the savings. I guess the manufacturers better set up a recycle program to deal with the unwanted EV's.

  14. Another consideration with the purchase is WHAT BANK WILL GIVE YOU FINANCING FOR A GAS OR DIESEL VEHICLE. With the fact that vehicle will be worthless in 2-4 years for resale value, and if you forclose the bank has no colateral to cover the loan.

  15. China doesn't have a proper social security system. The savings are there waiting if the owner gets unemployed or gets ill.

    Now if they put up a proper social security system – only then will the savings move out to increase demand.

  16. I was actually looking into this when I bought an EV earlier this year! I knew I wanted to keep the next car for at least 10 years again, and the dial was pointing towards EV with how the EU was standardizing EVs.

    I read in a few articles that likely used ICE cars will be resold to 3rd world countries since they don't have the electrical infrastructure to maintain an EV. This made sense because getting a can of gas is much easier than planning your trip in Africa (at least for now). That said, I agree that resale value for an ICE will decrease in the next decade for sure.

  17. EV’s are really iPhones on wheels. How often does your iPhone need servicing, just updates. Only maintenance on my Teslas are only tires. Most repairs if needed plug and play parts. Most work without a car lift as battery is only thing under car.

  18. Electric company guy was installing a new meter on my house. I asked how my powerwall battery affected the grid. He said it helps stabilize the grid. Power company owns more grid battery storage to use solar and wind at night. Plus they store excess power generation vs just dumping it in the past which was wasteful.

  19. USA people live on credit. Their average salary maybe $40-50,000 but they also have $20,000 in credit. They think they make $70,000 a year. One reason they live paycheck to paycheck. One paycheck from bankruptcy. Large percentage people usa do not have $1000 immediately available for an emergency. Yes, China in better shape than most USA citizens

  20. USA more reactive vs proactive. Always complaining about intermittent high gas prices and never doing anything about it. They buy a gas guzzler suv when gas cheap and a small car when expensive gas. Europe has been paying way higher prices for decades but they drive small cars, more motorcycles, and scooters. No drive through McDonald’s or Starbucks in Europe as gas too expensive. Yet even at $5/gallon usa gas people in Starbucks drive through for 15 minutes running their car. Yet the complain high gas prices

  21. I can not control healthcare costs but can control energy costs. I save $600/year on gas and home electricity because of my solar panels, powerwall battery and EV. The biggest hurdle renewable vs fossil fuel is the upfront cost with renewables. A solar system is expensive as all upfront but it is like an investment for the future paying you off like stock market. Many Companies and people prefer pay as you go not really owning anything just a minimum involvement. It’s like comparing an investor mentality vs a non investor mentality.

  22. Amazing how Musk was so proactive starting EV/battery storage revolution when low gas/electric rates and no tax incentives. Most countries are reactive vs proactive. USA just dabbling in renewables since 1970 oil embargo. 2010’s Opec flooded chesp oil frackers/shale people to bankrupt them. Germany shut down nuclear power plants after Fukushima before renewables prime time going back to cheap oil. Until oil, a finite commodity, becomes too expensive we are still moving slowly to renewables

  23. Who wants to buy old tech gas cars. I own 3 Teslas and charge at home with solar/powerwall. No petrochemical odors, no oil filters in land fills every 5000 miles. All gas car exhaust leak into the passenger compartment even new cars.

  24. If the Tesla Cybertruck will have V2H, I really hope the Model 2 (or whatever Tesla calls it's small cross-over vehicle) also has V2H. Maybe the many Chinese consumers will demand this ?

  25. Long time coming. Based on the battery advancements I have read about I do believe, like you, that adoption to EVs is going to be much faster than predicted. I also see the Hydrogen Industry coming up too, so hopefully we'll have a combination of both.

  26. Jokes on you, I still drive a 2006 Hyundai Tucson with 167000+ miles on it so it ain't worth shit lol. Could probably make double breaking it down and selling parts then selling the car whole.

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