Thousands of people in Cuba have started to use Chinese electric cars and scooters amid fuel shortages and tightened U.S. economic sanctions, which have dealt a heavy blow to the island’s transportation system. #GLOBALink


22 thoughts on “GLOBALink | Chinese electric cars, scooters gain ground on Cuban streets”

  1. The real reason that Cuba has a power problem is that they have not exploited the petroleum that they have. Their power plants were mostly built in the 1960s to Soviet standards.

  2. China brings job, economy, knowledge, and technology to Cuba. With the highly educated population like Cuba, Cuba will be developing fast. Thanks China.

  3. This is good news wonderful for Cuba. It seems that Cuba is ahead of masterUS in electric vehicles. It's time to get rid of anitque cars left behind by masterUS hegeomon.

  4. Even after all the embargo sanctions the Anglo cowards placed on Cuba, Cuba is still thriving. Meanwhile the Anglo regimes are slowly collapsing.

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