General Motors Chair and CEO Mary Barra discusses GM’s electric-vehicle plans and the importance of the Chinese market with David Westin on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.”

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18 thoughts on “GM CEO Barra on Truck Demand, EV Plans and China Market”

  1. The way the interview was structured, gm is trying to reassure investors ice vehicles will continue to bring in revenues. I agree, if the market conditions do not change. The ev race is about being able to produce many batteries (the current limiting factor). At least gm sounds like they are working on it.

  2. Order a hummer or Cadillac EV now get it 15 years later.

    GM needs new blood considering how much debt , poor supply chain issues and high maintenance cost. Mary been blowing smoke up people ? for the longest 30 models back in 2020 then 22, and now 23.

  3. Nobody want to buy electric cars! Just a bunch of news media 24/7 campaign to brainwash the consumer to buy only GM BEV!? They hate Tesla now too! No mention of it in any discussion, only GM & Ford!?

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