( https://duckco.com/tfl-store ) Check out TFL’s apparel store! Meet The Huang Guang MINI EV: A tiny, tiny electric car with a small price tag but impressive features. They have sold over 15,000 of these small electric cars in China, but will they make their way to the U.S? We’ll give you a moment to take an educated guess.

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27 thoughts on “GM Makes A $4,000 Electric Car That Will Blow Your Mind! Here's Why You NEED One, But Can't Have It”

  1. I don’t care who makes a $10,000CAN EV but one of these companies better get on it. I don’t care if the parts are made in Tim buck two. Make sure there is aftermarket parts and a warranty that will last the time frame of financing until the car is payed for. Make it bare bones. I don’t need power steering, or a back up camera or any sensors on the bumper. No driver assist garbage or fancy wheels or a big touch screen. No power windows or power mirrors, no heated seats, just give Me air conditioning and a range of 200km with a small mountain pass in the trip and a decent charging rate so I can travel farther If I want. Me and everybody else would surely pre order and finance one.

  2. Never break down , hahaha , really? what's the waranty period on on consumer electronics? …yeah …electronics on any car goes down first and electric car has ,as the name implies , electronics.

  3. Of course it will never be available in the USA it’s an improved GEM car and makes too much sense. We get all the expensive complicated crap they get the simple inexpensive well designed useful stuff.

  4. The issue with used vehicles is that they are still expensive considering you are closer to the end of life of that battery and 10k+ expense in a few thousand miles it a big risk. Once a better life resiliency is established on used EV batteries maybe they will become a better risk. I just don't see the value buying a 47k miles tesla model 3 for 43k or a 45k miles mercedes for 28k almost a 20k difference

  5. Well, if one of those chinese ev cars is on a highway (over 45 mph), police pull it over, give a fine and must be towed from site.
    Make it road specific…

  6. With all these mini EV's coming on the market in more forms than you can shake a stick at, one day you will be able to go down to the town and pick one off the scrap heap for next to nothing……….they will start getting dumped down country roads and in the bush once they get to be a bit oldish and the next wundercar comes on the scene looking better, with more performance every day……they can make them by the ton but they won't be able to sell them at the same rate once the market gets saturated.
    I bought my 1996 Rav 4 for A$5,000 on EBAY back in 2013 and it was delivered free from Sydney, NSW to Melbourne.

  7. It will never meet even the lowest safety specs in the US. If GM could sell it here, they would. On the flip side, could it be lisenced in the US as a 4 wheel motor cycle?

  8. If just 20 percent of people had electric cars are power grid could not even Handel it, we would have power going in and out , they were having problems with the heat wave

  9. They won't be sold in the United States. Having an affordable efficient vehicle equates to more stability and that is not what this countries true rulers want for, from, or of the citizenry.

  10. Imagine if a government had the brains to supply 1x of these per household (either as a primary or secondary vehicle) and offered free charging in all public and shopping district carparks for the life of the vehicle (most of which would be compensated by registration cost anyway). You would reduce vehicle emissions so dramatically! *oh and don't bang on about bigger families etc. Mum can still use it to run errands, dad can still take johnny to soccer, johnny can eventually drive himself to school… It would get plenty of use! Subsidize solar installations and the whole planet will benefit!

  11. I mean these will be great especially in the cities. It’s small and easy to drive and maneuver, it doesn’t require gas, just charge it while you’re at work, and the best part, it only costs about a months rent to buy the car in one payment

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