China’s fast-growing electric vehicle market is the largest in the world.
After a slump earlier this year, the sale of electric cars nationwide is gaining speed again.
Chinese carmaker Wuling has overtaken Tesla as the top-selling electric vehicle in China. The brand is a joint venture with General Motors to target young consumers and less affluent drivers.

Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Liuzhou in China.

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24 thoughts on “GM-Wuling tiny car overtakes Tesla to lead China's EV market”

  1. This is a real ‘Car of the people’. A real game changer.

    Their next rival is a tech company that makes expensive toys for the Global 1%. That model doesn’t combat climate change like the little Wuling.

  2. How can you break the car in 4 pieces and still can put it back as a car. Or use it separately as 2 bikes and if you want it could be 4 big Luggages. With storage and everything for travelling?

    When you can do that. It will be useful.
    Real Lego Car

  3. "Helping the environment" Yeah right. I'm sure a lot of environmentally safe production went into this car…. No thanks. I'll take my chances on a motorcycle instead of this communist garbage

  4. Exporten a latino América en especial al Perú autonomia prestaciones en modelo 4 puertas tipo taxi oferta i demanda ya que EL BAJAJ QUTE dejo de ser el más barato triplicandose su precio a donde llega.

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