You’ve all been so very patient, but, finally, it’s time. The world’s cheapest new electric car you can buy has been ordered from Alibaba, shipped over from China, trucked to my house, unboxed, and now it’s finally time to see if this ridiculous thing actually drives. Are you excited? Of course you are; you’re human. So go ahead and watch that video up there and see for yourself.

Like all of my experiences with the Changli so far, I’m genuinely surprised at how much better it is than I was expecting. It drives! It drives in a perfectly usable manner, not quickly at all, no, God no, but for a neighborhood vehicle, it absolutely works.

I mean, yeah, we got it stuck in the mud almost immediately, but David and I just lifted the back up onto the bricks and were good to go.

-Jason Torchinsky

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28 thoughts on “Here's What The World's Cheapest Electric Car Is Like To Drive”

  1. According to Google Maps:

    Car: 20 minutes
    Public transport: 33 minutes
    Bicycle: 1 hour and 4 minutes
    Walking: 3 hours and 17 minutes
    Chinese plastic covered E-scooter: 3 hours and 17 minutes

  2. I have a Yamaha super hauler cart at work. I can either buy another one (with all its stinky pollution, terrible ergonomics, and lack of everything except headlights) or 10 Changli's.

  3. This is what we will be driving.. School runs and grocery runs. No more 200km journey long weekends.. I cant afford 30k for the new electric cars.. this is a life saver for our family to get groceries and the chid to school.

  4. This car is for old man in China who have not drive license and need a vehicle to go to supermarket. So this speed is limited in 30/h.Old people don't need speed.?

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