Chinese luxury car maker Hongqi has debuted at the Auto China 2018 with a lavish all-electric E-Jing GT Concept which, many would agree, blatantly copies the Mercedes-Maybach 6. The vehicle isn’t intended for series production.

The Hongqi Group had initially focused on producing hi-end limousines for Chinese state officials, but later expanded its lineup to include middle-class cars. For instance, the premium-level Hongqi H5 sedan went on sale last year. Judging by the freshly demonstrated concept vehicle, the company still feels more at home serving the interests of the wealthy and powerful.

In its front part, the battery-powered E-Jing GT Concept has all of the trademark features of the Mercedes-Maybach 6: the same narrow headlamps beautifully combined with the daytime running lights, the same massive hood/bonnet, the same neat-and-tidy radiator grille. It also features an expansive panorama glass roof extending as far as the trunk door, and video cameras replacing the conventional side mirrors.

Hongqi stressed that their concept vehicle is essentially a design study, which means it should give you a basic idea of what other cars issued by the brand in the future may look like. Speaking of which: the company plans to release 15 new car models, whether gasoline-driven or all-electric, by 2025.

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