2022 Hongqi E-HS9 electric luxury full size SUV

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✅ Source: Hongqi

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43 thoughts on “HONGQI E-HS9 (2022) BIG LUXURY SUV MADE IN CHINA”

  1. Designer is ex rolls Royce… I have to say aesthetics wise this car has better lines and styling than anything I've seen from rolls Royce. Can't argue with how elegantly the lines and surfaces resolve plus it's got great proportions

  2. This was filmed to convince us of the “technology” they have and not about the vehicle! Where are the vids of the vehicle running on the test courses and on the street? Uh huh!

  3. Tasarım olarak harika görünüyor. Kafama takılan tek bir soru. . .
    Araç gerçekten sağlam ve güvenli olacak mi? Kullanma şansı olan veya net bilgisi olan yardımcı olsun litfen.

  4. The suv or the special utility vehicles are easy to drive and also there fuel consumption are not higher. These cars are highly secured and very stylish. The branded cars are highly compatible in the car market and work both as jeeps and cars even in rough climate.

  5. Incredible design… Resembles to Rolls Royce, Range Rover but still a very appealing look. Hope the car has a good reliability also.

  6. our neighbor got the HS5 for his son, when I saw the Chinese letters I was sure that it's this company which I don't know how to pronounce its name ? (I think it goes like "honchić)

  7. You know, i don't care. As long as anybody makes a SUV in competitive spec and competitive price with a competitive warranty, it's sold. Seriously, why can't anyone make a bigger car with the current battery size so that they can keep the price around $40-50k? They use the same V6 engine for both sedan and SUV, right? It seems that there is some sort of a conspiracy in the EV world. If the Chinese automaker and any other can disrupt the industry, I am all for it. There are too much politics.

  8. In spite of how much there is to rip the Chinese on, at least it appears they mounted the battery in a fashion where it should be fairly easy to swap.

  9. Start of a new era… the Chinese cars will be the old Korean cars, the Korean cars are now the old Japanese cars, the Japanese cars are still Japanese cars, but added tech means more minor problems further down the line, so not as reliable. German cars are still endless money pits but still top of the line luxury cars.

  10. If America allowed Chinese made cars to the US it would cripple the domestic auto makers they would sell for less and have more creature comforts. GM, Ford, and Chrysler know it.

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