Has China built an unassailable lead with electric car technology? Rory shows us 9 Chinese electric cars that might be headed to a driveway near you (or which might already be there).

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46 thoughts on “How China Is Taking Over The World Of Electric Cars”

  1. It's about time we changed our stereotype of Chinese goods (and China in general) to keep up with the times. Yes most cheap poor-quality goods come from China but, in 2022, so do high-quality reliable goods. I'm proud to buy Chinese stuff because of the Chinese mindset – resilience, hard-work, patience, playing the long-game, centralised planning, building green tech based on peaceful cooperation between nations etc. – these are the values that will enable Chinese companies to produce better cars and it's a bit weird to hear that some people have something against that group of 1.4 billion different people but, hey, when someone's long-term dominance is threatened by someone they've previously thought of as weak, they'll often gaslight the hell out of them, after all who want's to blame themselves for slipping?

  2. At a 62 MPH top speed driving on the Autobahn, The PRC made Mini EV is very practical, as it doubles as a casket. Its 75 miles range will be reduced to around 40 miles in extreme cold, so an Uber or Lyft joint venture, to pick up stranded Mini EV owners suffering from hypothermia, is in the works.

  3. Amazing to see what communism mixed with a dash of capitalism can accomplish. Human rights and U.N. investigations aside. Won't bring up suicide nets outside Foxconn plant Oops.

  4. This not money, business, commerce or industry! This is politics! Control & manipulation of the population. You go out to get petrol, you have electricity delivered to your home or business. You may a choice of providers & pricing plans. But they are only billing companies! They are a cartel. Electric transport is only to give politicians clean air to breathe & motorists another tax to pay! Electricity is 4x the price of gas per Kwh. Yet as we no longer use many coal fired power station so most of our electricity is generated in gas fired power station!!!!

  5. I will NEVER EVER buy a Chinese trash car, I need my cars to perform at a high level reliably. Everyone knows Chinese quality is trash, why would it change for the cars? "But it's cheap" exactly, it's cheap unreliable trash, cutting corners

  6. are you aware that at 50 seconds of your video you show indirectly the problem with EVs? have a look at the houses and the orientation of their roofs. Already 20 years ago the EU intended to make a regulation that all new houses must orient at least one side of the roof south facing in order to make the rouses ready for eventual PV mounting. Here in the video you see the chaotic orientation of the roofs. Every single member state objected to such a regulation. Today most member states regret their stupid objection. Orienting a house intelligently costs zero money. And so millions of new homes were and still are built without any consideration for the sun or the renewable energy production and thus not fit for EVs.

  7. So glad I found your video! I am moving to mainland China and selling a Nissan Leaf in Hong Kong and was trying to figure out if I could/should take it with me but after watching your video I will have many choices to stay electric in China and I can try something new!

  8. You missed a few cars like the ford territory EV, VW ID 3,4,6 and the Audi e-tron Q2 L 30, the chines VW ID 4 and 6 are the best selling cars in Jordan (gray market), and the VW dealer is furious about that as the VW is not selling EVs to the Mideast yet.

  9. God help us. Cars that look like mashups and run for a few months then fail. Of course they're going to let Tesla open up plants, they want to spy on their technology. Once they have learned what they need, Tesla will be kicked out.

  10. Observation as a Chinese consumer:

    1) China's electric vehicle market is highly competitive, and the competition between old and new forces is extremely fierce, which makes the whole technology iteration become very fast, and new technology applications emerge in endlessly.

    2) The traditional old gasoline vehicle companies are losing competitiveness. This process has been obvious. Almost all electric vehicles on the road are produced by Chinese manufacturers. The electric vehicles of established automobile companies (Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, etc.) lack innovation and cannot attract consumers. At the same time, they do not occupy a dominant position in electric vehicle technology. Domestic auto brands have become a priority in the purchase of electric vehicles.

    3) The development of automotive power battery technology in China is becoming more and more mature. Local battery manufacturers have the leading edge in technology. CATL has developed a power battery system with a endurance of more than 1000km, and the endurance anxiety disappears normally.

    4) Major technology giants compete to enter the electric vehicle market, including Baidu, Xiaomi, Huawei and other technology giants. The entry of these technology giants will not only bring more capital into the market, but also make the technology iteration speed of the entire Chinese electric vehicle market faster, leaving little time for traditional automobile companies.

    5) China will lead the trend of the global electric vehicle market. Only in a huge and highly competitive market will the most advanced technologies and products emerge.

  11. Wow. The opening stereotypic "Chinese" soundtrack is so 1970, I am shocked they didn't feature images of classical Chinese "junk boat" sailing across the Victoria harbour in Hong Kong or a skinny Chinese person pulling a Chinese rickshaw (with a well-dressed white male as a passenger). Your channel must work harder to rebuild the Western world's dominance and superiority. If you find my comment offensive, then think of all the Chinese that are offended by these endless institutional racism – that you are currently engaged in right now.

  12. Every 13000 years EARTH is closer to the Sun and this will bring the extinction, like in the past. Aliens are not in the sky. But in the bottom of the oceans. And they are the humans from 13000 years ago and went through a non stop evolution . The reason why they are more advanced technologically .
    By 2032 Earth population will be decimated by the weather events and extinction soon. The humans from the oceans will populate again the planet when the conditions of life on Earth are back

  13. If Musk really wanted to change the world for the better he could sell an economically priced electric commuter car. He has wasted his genius on building toys for the rich. Space-X is a joy ride service for the rich that we all pay taxes to support.

  14. Bonkers how many companies are getting in on plug in EV's. Even though lithium ion is shite. Drains fast and takes almost forever to charge. Crud…

  15. There should never be any talk of relaxing safety standards in road vehicles. Just to think of it suggests that you are willing to accept more road deaths just for the sake of saving a little money.

  16. CHINA HAS a very cheap labour force. Nobody in Europe could survive on those wages. China is undermining the economy of the western world and doing what Putin is doing. Only China is doing it "commercially" China is even building a Nuclear plant on Britain. China is also busy in Africa. Britain is giving away its wealth.

  17. We will continue to do business with China and give money to help the dictatorship grow. And when the dictatorship gets bigger and wants to keep fundamental goods to sell later at the price they want, and enslave "the business partners",we will be very surprised!!! Why not make a direct technology pipeline to Europe like Gazprom but for the industry!!!

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