This video discusses Why Is India Failing To Capture EV Sector?

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In India, electric vehicle maarket is still at an initial stage. The electric cars only account for less than 4% of India’s car sales last financial year.

The issue India is currently facing is not with the demand, but rather the supply. Currently there are multiple challeges which India faces when it comes to supply such as the raw material production, cost of the finished products, charging stations etc. There are also electric car battery issues.

China is the biggest market for electric vehicles and it also controls the supply of major chunk of the key raw materials needed for making the battery used in these vehicles. Also because of the high import tax, there are restrictions for other multinational companies to sell their cars in India, example Tesla.

So this video explains what are these major issues!

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Hence if you are wondering “”should i buy EV car in india? “” or “”electric vehicle problems in India”” then make sure you watch this video!


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