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“Your car doesn’t look high-end. It’s domestically produced. You should save more money to buy a Passat.” Ten years ago, a Chinese car owner had this conversation with another Chinese car owner. Indeed, Chinese-made cars have been discriminated against at home and abroad for quite a long time. The insufficient quality and low price made them become synonymous with low-end cars for a while. Before the reform and opening up, the foundation of China’s auto industry was very weak, and its technical indicators were far behind the international first-line level. This situation did not change until China allowed foreign car companies to establish joint ventures in China. This path is undoubtedly correct.
The joint venture not only effectively avoids the monopoly of foreign car companies, but also enables Chinese car companies to learn advanced management experience and first-class production technology from foreign car companies to a large extent. In addition, a large number of auto parts companies have emerged in order to match the production of automobiles, which has also promoted China’s rapid formation of its own automobile industry chain.
By the turn of the century, China’s auto industry had gradually matured, and a large number of independent auto companies were born. So, how did Chinese cars get rid of cheap and low-end labels step by step? OK, as for today’s video, let’s dive deep into this issue.


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