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45 thoughts on “How my “$2,000” Chinese Electric Truck is Holding Up (3 Month Update)”

  1. should be quite popular in Florida with all the golf cart communities and hea sure there are issues with the chinese government but what government is perfect and if you don't like imports from china don't shop at walmart

  2. We could build cars and trucks at a much cheaper cost, but too many people would cry because it would only have a 100 HP gas engine, seat belts, and no other safety equipment or hi-tech electronics kids, so you must pay $60,000+ for a car just to move your ass from point A to point B and have safety equipment for bad drivers when you could have a very nice basic, car or truck for $10,000 – $20,000. A world of suckers that corporations and attorneys take advantage of every year.

  3. Good idea using standard batteries so won't be scrap if the batteries give out. How can they use "Explorer" though, that is in use on a 4×4 already.

  4. Great, In the fifties I remember the Morris Miner, it was a great little car 55 mph and about 38 MPG tiny but efficient. The U.S. got greedy, with too many hands in the pot, we missed out on conserving energy. I like your attitude and presentation, I enjoyed and hope to see more. I am working with lithium batteries and solar, I had a friend who bought Harbor freight solar panels I was amazed they charge under a street light, go figure.

  5. lets take a look…….its a pick up…..tick……its cheap…..tick…..its got a back that tilts and is big…..tick…..its electric…..tick……its got lots of led lights….tick……its cheap to fix…..tick……..its got a sunroof that forces air in…..tick……it funky inside…..tick……and practicial……tick……..whats not to like about…….l want one…its cool

  6. Great video!

    Neat little truck! I think this would be a great truck for hauling bikes around the city for anyone who likes to bike. Great for hauling a washing machine or just doing small jobs around the house / farm. No gas required either so that's an added bonus. The lithium ion battery will be expensive to replace but over time people should be able to find a cheaper solution / hack to replace the battery.

    When gas prices hit $1.90 a liter here in Canada it was insane just to use the car for literally anything. If someone could bring and sell that truck from China, I guarantee that loads of people would flock to buy something like small and practical like that mini truck.

  7. It's basically a bigger golf cart. The dump bed should be able to handle anything you can put in it the weakest part is the bed itself but should be strong enough being so short.

  8. Good afternoon, I watched your second vehicle on the Chinese mini truck. I'm 74 years old and handicapped. I was hit by a car in 2009 so I am no longer a professional drummer but because I'm living on a fixed income, I've got several questions for you concerning the truck what is the top speed on the truck, I run around in a $21,000 custom wheelchair. That the state paid for five years ago. Is a bedliner and a camper shell available? As if I used it to haul drums I don't want to keep them dry too. An old friend of mine and I are considering going into business together, to build custom professional drum sets. I'm thinking I could probably use it to run around the factory. If we ever get to that point? Do you know someone who I could get to put it together for me? As I cannot do that myself. And Can you estimate, what you think the total cost would be? Total out-of-pocket. Sincerely JW Miller an old rock and roller! ??

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