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New car keyless remotes are a small fortune at the dealer. I’ll show you how you can easily make your own at home and save a ton of money in the process; even if you’re missing your keys entirely!

Key Programmer Tool: https://bit.ly/3hDEr9Y (Get 10% off with code: TAKE10 )
Key Programmer at Amazon (cheaper at direct link above): https://amzn.to/3TznbQk

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30 thoughts on “I Bought a $500 Chinese Car Key Cutting Machine on Facebook Marketplace”

  1. Previous owner of key cutting machine may of replaces cutter with wrong diameter cutter, or probe. Could we have a follow up episode please on key cutting machine.

  2. A tip for anyone that's got a flat battery, a fob with no spare key, and have locked their keys in the car:
    On most vehicles, if you look underneath the engine bay, you can see the starter motor. Usually, a red lead comes down to it from the battery. If you can get a jump pack, or another battery (or even someone to give you a boost), then with care you can connect a positive jump lead to the starter motor terminal, and the negative to a suitable metal part on the car. This will power the vehicle, and then you should be able to open the vehicle with the fob.
    I talked my brother through this on the phone from 100's of miles away, about 30 years ago when he had this issue. It worked no problem.

  3. All your mistakes here are human errors. You have no idea what you're doing. First off, all you're not putting the keyblade where it needs to be. The high security keys need to be held on the lower part of the clamp. Your hu100 gm keyway needs to be on the bottom part of the clamp. The Ford h75 keyway needs to be on the top part of the clamp. Second, the machine will decode the key, but it won't always be correct. People use their keys multiple times a day, and they rub down, so you will have to eye out the cuts. Also, the machine has a button there "lacktooth" that will tell you if there's an existing code for the cuts that u have in the machine ready to cut. $500 for a great machine.

  4. not familiar with this machine, but it always worth checking how worn the cutter is, if it is smaller than the machine expects due to wear, that would explain the keys being oversized.

  5. Be careful with what you buy… In most places it's a felony crime if you sell or even simply own key cutters without a locksmith license… Ooooooops.

  6. Different size cutting tools?? Cutter comp ??
    Like running a cnc program ment for a 1/16 roughing tool and you use a 1/32nd instead. lol

    Lots of variables and none of said equipment is turn key… "least not right away"

    Calibration like everyone said also.

  7. You need to buy a set of small filing tools with all kind of shapes for touch up. Even the professional key maker do that. Also all duplication machine need calibration and some sort of positioning setting. You might even need to change a better cutting knife.

  8. I was a locksmith for a while, we actually did key programing for $200 a car plus the price of the keys if we bought them. the reason we had a $200 price point is because a lot of the companies like Ford, GM and many exports made us pay $100 to get a code to use their software to program a vehicle every time. each vehicle was $100.

  9. If you have an old key and your key cutter fails as it did, just use a dremel with the common thin cutting wheels – line them up and cut the little depths along the new key that the cutter missed.

  10. Miracle A9 is the real manufacturer, out of Korea. The SEC9 is a knock off from China. That's about 4k less new than the A9, and you are on your own if you have any problems, and the SEC9 from what I hear is a hit or miss machine.

    Your key bitting is 11212421

  11. I bought a key fob from Amazon, I don't have the tools to program a key but these fobs come without any electronics, so, if the only problem is the plastic/rubber parts are worn out, then you remove your key and electronics and simply put them into the new fob.

    It worked, I love it and I know the dealer would of charged me hundreds of dollars.

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