6 years and 95,000kms later, how did my cheap little Chinese car hold up? It’s a Chery Riich, with a 1.0 liter engine derived from a Toyota Yaris. I’ve driven it all over China, and have put a lot of miles on the clock. How is it holding up? Is it reliable? Is it fuel efficient?

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24 thoughts on “I Have Driven a Chinese Car for 7 Years – How is it?”

  1. You are an AS*HOLE. You opened this Youtube channel to speak ONLY against China. How much money US/West pay you for this ?

  2. I'm from the Philippines and Chinese Vehicles are everywhere!
    but its mostly Taxi Vans (copies of the Toyota Hiace), Buses, Trucks and some Cars as well..

    from what it looks like they last just as long as regular vehicles.
    like you see the exact same Taxi Van on the road everyday and I have never seen a Chinese Taxi Van broken down by the side of the road..

    I'm considering buying a 2nd hand Dealership Special BAIC MZ40 Minivan as a Farming Tools Transporter, I just hope it's a good buy!

  3. What happened to all of your stuff when you two left China? Is it still there? Did you lose it all? I know you couldn't take it with you. So what happened to it all? I mean, you couldn't sell it and take the money because you couldn't take the money out of China either.

  4. It's such a cute looking car. I would consider buying one of those, if they were sold in the USA. However, I do have to say that I usually buy American made cars, in order to support local jobs. For example, the Toyota cars that I own are all made in America, even the engines.

  5. In miles that only 56,000. My Honda was not even broken in yet. Am I the only one who noticed his check engine light on? That could be anything. For is approximately $7,500 he could buy a Honda that will run 20 years. Mine is a 2008. Bought in 2010 for $9500 with 30,000 miles on it. Has now 217,00 miles on it (NOT KM)… Had repairs, yes. But it still runs like new.

  6. I was told that car owners have to return their cars that are only 10 years old to get get crushed: state sanction decrees that Chinese cars cannot last more than 10 years. People generally don't maintain things there, be it vehicles or real estate property, or anything else. I especially thought that was funny because until recently I have never had a car less than 10 years old in North America.

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