I’m buying 4 different Chinese electric cars – Am I going crazy?

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45 thoughts on “I'm buying 4 different Chinese electric cars – Am I going crazy?”

  1. Chinese made cars had been sold to some eastern European countries including Hungary and Russia, but the quality was so bad that they have dubbed all Chinese made cars, moving cardboard boxes! As far as I know, Chinese affiliated car makers in America like ELMS and Future Faraday have been out of business. About one month ago, Chinese Great Wall brand tried very hard to launch its new EV called Funky Cat in UK, but went nowhere. Last week, ABC News reported two employees of the Chinese electric car brand NIO involved in testing died tragically after their experiment electric car fell three stories from a parking structure in Shanghai, China. Most recently, Chinese billionaire Xu Jiayin-chairman of Evergrande Group, had invested over $7 billion in making electric cars but failed miserably, and China's Evergrande Company sadly went bankrupt last year, with a huge debt of nearly $500 billion, which almost destroyed the entire economy of China. Few days ago, China publicly announced Chinese EV maker BYD dethroned Tesla to become the world largest EV maker selling 638,157 EVs and hybrid cars in the first 6 months of 2022 compared to 564,743 Tesla units! However, the problem with the number China publicly posted, is … only on paper and in China.

  2. Hi Sam, may I suggest get in touch with EVTV Motor Verks
    It is Jack Rickards (R.I.P ) old business and still operating with his team. Jack was not only a character but a brilliant individual and he specialized in just what you are planning to do.
    P.S worth looking back at videos featuring him

  3. If the auction site is anything like eBay in the states here, what the price that it is at right now means nothing. Last few minutes of the auction, or even seconds of the auction, will tell the tale. You may think you are competing against maybe 5 bidders, but in the last minute, it may jump to 50 bidders. I won my E36 BMW (3 series) convertible off of Ebay some 18 years ago. I just sold it less than a year ago, and enjoyed many years of driving pleasure. Only thing was, I had to travel to New Orleans to pick it up… I lived it Florida. (some 750 miles)

  4. You have quite a lot of work ahead of you, I think, but definitely can be done. I read about a guy in the local newspaper who put Leaf battery modules in his house, and this must have been around 2015.
    The MGs would have been good because you could sell lots of spares, but they probably have the smallest packs of the bunch. Don't know what to do with the cars otherwise…. Maybe use to build a big car gaming rig? 😀

  5. I too am interested to use EV battery with hybrid solar system.

    My investigation shows that food option is to use SOLAX hybrid inverter .

    According manual seems that it is easy in settings define as “lead acid battery” and specify voltage range which is comparable to most EV batteries. I think that it should not be complicated to use EV original BMS. It means no need to disassemble original battery.

    Just pay attention that according publicly available manual the G3 version (or older) can use lead acid battery setting. There are available G4 version about it I am not sure. I think G4 is designed only to Lithium batteries with compatible communication protocol.

    Many other nowadays hybrid inverters are designed for specific batteries with specific BMS communication. For that case compatible BMS can be quite expensive.

    In this spring I bought another brand Invertor (just because of SOLAX delivery times) and I am not happy with that.

  6. Sweet.

    I think I'd go all arbitrage with these. Charge them up at night, discharge them back during the day. Add in solar as you get it.

    Also wow all the other projects you can do! Make electric doodahs. Electric bikes… boats, have fun!

  7. Unfortunately, here in the US they have very high tariffs to prevent any of them from being imported. It's a shame as most people are not (able) to purchase them. They look like they would sell lot of them otherwise.

  8. Stationary storage would be great if you can get them at a decent price. Hopefully this video won't get the price pumpers alerted to your auctions.

  9. I agree with one of the commenters below to keep them as cars and pay for a transport truck to deliver a bunch at once if it comes to it. I suspect the economics of cheap Chinese EVs will push aside the tariffs eventually.

  10. Brilliant idea if you’ve got the skills to do this. I could probably get the battery pack out of the vehicle, but anything beyond that would be over my head. The control systems for the powerwall units are a complete mystery.

  11. If you were in QLD I could help you get the battery set up. I could also help to get all the stuff in the cars sorted so the motors could be used by some one else for conversions but would need to get a running car so I can record all the CAN messages.
    If you get one let me know. I would be interested in some parts.

  12. You're not crazy. Christ, you can flip an electric car from its retail price – if you can get it at that price – for like, 3,000 profit even with more than 1k miles on the odometer. Couple hundred kilometers? Easy decision.

  13. A car battery needs a lot of customised electronics if it's going to be used as a grid battery, don't waste your money before you check out EVTV Motor Verks channel.

  14. V2G software is right around the corner 2023, if you get more than one save it. You could move the cars around the property for additional energy use as needed.

  15. My dream at the moment is the sedan / saloon Nio Et5 and Et7, it's amazing also the BYD Seal, in my chance the MG ZS and the fantastic BYD Dolphin (better the Atto3)

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