Hey Thanks For Choosing This Video For Watching
This Is A Vehicle Type Video
This Video Is All About Most Expansive Cars
Mean The Cars Are More Costly Than Average Cars
These Cars Not For Every Person On the Earth
But Yes If You Have Lots Of Money Then You Can Buy These Cars

Today in this Comparison Video we will compare
India’s Top 10 Most Expensive Cars With China’s Top 10 Most Expensive
Cars .Watch This Video Till End Hope You Enjoyed This Video


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28 thoughts on “India VS China | Most Expensive Cars | 2021”

  1. This is so funny, some of these Chinese car's aren't even in production yet???? eg…. Aston Martin Valkyrie, Mc Laren Speedtail, BMW i4 aren't in the market yet, your video is almost funny, anyway ???

  2. Ap dusro ko react nahi karne de rhe ho apne videos par lekin aapne reaction channel chalu kar diya aur dusro ke content pe react kar rhe ho you think it's fair

  3. Our country is developing and since Modi came our cleanliness has increased . Secondly,China is a communist country so it is developing very fast and India is democratic .Even if being democratic India has made a significant success in many fields like IT,Automobile,Space,etc.Thirdly,Why Pakistan are making fun of us???At least now we are comparing ourselves with developed countries if we will compare India and Pakistan now in terms of automobile industry you all will be defeated badly .

  4. Bro buggati chiron india cost 67 cr and buggati divo in india cost 125 crore 22 cr and 41 cr are there global price in india imported cars cost 3 times the price for example cullinan cost 2.3 cr globally but in india it cost 6.9 cr

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