Since 2019 Electric Vehicles were becoming very popular among the Chinese people. At that time they had to spend a lot of money to buy a Tesla Car And day by day some Chinese Electric car Brands such as NIO/Xpeng/LixiangOne/Byd became very popular among the local Chinese people. But still, people had to spend more than 30,000+$ to get an Electric Vehicle. So some people couldn’t afford to buy it.

At the beginning of 2020, another Chinese Electric Car Brand Wuling has launched their first Mini Ev at the price of 4000$, and it becomes so popular in China within 5/6 months. It’s Not only because of the Price but also people in China think it’s very cute and easy to drive. apart from that they can drive this vehicle 120km/170km in the city and can save a lot of money and Also can drive it every day in the City, as well as on the bus line because of the green number plate. So they love this Wuling Mini Electric Vehicle and it becomes china’s most popular Mini Ev

So in this video, I have tried to Introducing China’s Most Popular Mini Electric Vehicles 2021 Wuling Hongguang. Hope you guys will like it

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38 thoughts on “Introducing China's Most Popular Mini Electric Vehicle 2021 Wuling Hongguang”

  1. Not only the Chinese young girls want one, English old males like me want them to…I'd sell my car tmrw, buy some extra solar panels and never burn petrol again if I could buy one for that money. This is more appealing than a Tesla to me because I could actually afford it in my life time and it meets 95% of my needs.

  2. The car that elon doesnt want being sold, and neither do any of the other manufacturers in north merica because it would bite big time into their profit margins, or it would already be being sold in north merica. There's that other affordable mini electric car being made in france for 4500 bux too. The writing is on the wall, so please let me know when i can get one to drive in ontario canada. Can airbags be retrofitted or can they be classed as slow moving vehicles so i could drive it around with a orange triangle on it like farmers do with their tractors on side roads for miles without insurance and being gouged with licence plate sticker renewal fees? The lower class of society deserve a better quality of life rather than being swept under a rug. It's 10 miles to the nearest grocery store around here, i want to be able to survive and afford to put food in my fridge is a humbling challenge because of paying off the billionaires who don't seem to want to listen to people unless they are of a certain tax bracket.
    How about a disability vehicle type of exemption of travel costs? Disabled people typically only go to get groceries and then return home because their bodies are hurting, and the reason why they can't afford much in life, and tend to die alot sooner due to just not being able to afford to drive to a grocery store.

    If you read this, please consider such perspectives, and also if you want to help make the planet alot cleaner while boosting human rights as you take a bite out of greed.

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