The Changan CS35+ is a modern car out of china! In this video, I detail the features and how it feels as a car, for me as a white man.

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41 thoughts on “Is this a Good Chinese Car?”

  1. Ridiculous review…this is an advertisement and you sound like a salesperson, not a motoring journalist. This is a car with a disaster safety rating (Not tested in EU or NA for a reason) my coworker almost died in her CS15, the car was like a tin can.
    No quality in Changan (will fall apart in a few years), and it has mysterious reliability. It costs 16K $ (High spec+taxes in my country) so just do yourself a favor and buy a small Kia, Toyota, Honda, Skoda, or Seat and keep your life safe.

  2. And its already of haters meme'd about this guy as "communist sympathizer"ors else about China. But i still support u cuz u just reviewed it

  3. All Chinese cars brands are basically Japanese,Europeans and Americans are in 2-3 years old designed technologies or new clones technologies.

  4. China makes the best cars, way better than shit coming out of the US, Europe and other parts of Asia nowadays.

  5. Chinese car wit a low low price and extra included are Corona Virus + Free 10 microphones so government can spy on you all the Time.

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