Japanese carmakers are effectively taking the fight to China, intending to take on Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers. Nissan has gone a step ahead and is launching electric SUVs to pose a formidable challenge to China. Watch this video to know more.

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28 thoughts on “Japan unleashes its fabulous 3 to annihilate Chinese EV empire”

  1. This is a complete propaganda video. And it's completely misrepresented the fact as they are in order to prop up a dysfunctional Japanese auto industry trying to come to grips with electrification. As an example, it fails to mention that that Mitsubishi AirTrek is a fully BYD contracted product. So is the Toyota BZ4 ev. This is honestly a very misleading video, and if you're using this as guidance on your investments, you need to expand your material. Suzuki and to 'some how' introduce a cheap ev? This is considered a bullish statement?

    This channel needs to end if all of the videos are of this quality.

  2. How many electric cars did they sell world wide in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022?
    Biden: “Detroit is leading the world in electric cars.”
    GM CEO: “We are leading the world in electric cars.”
    In 2021, GM sold 26 electric cars, the Volt. Most of them suffered battery fire made LG Chem.

  3. EV for EV in China…….Confused as to what it really means ?…..’End of Victory’ for Electric Vehicles in China…..Now you know what I mean don’t you….. Yes !……China had very ambitious plans to manufacture EVs and sell them to the World……So it pumped in huge amounts of money into EV manufacturing……or should we say duplicating the EVs designed by other Countries, with cheaper parts so that the vehicles cost less……but Japanese companies have hit a dent to its ambitions by producing good/efficient EVs for cheaper cost…….So sad China, the original EVs would prove much better than your duplicates, so will naturally sell more easily.

  4. The Frustrated Indian is also a Deluded 1 ?
    Toyota has to buy batteries from byd just to make its cars in China ,. What a Clown ? Channel this is ,
    Spewing Bhakt Propaganda.

  5. This is the power of organisations built on sounds principles and grown and evolved over decades of diligent management, and something China does not understand.

  6. China is one of the greatest environmental threats in the world. Destroys sea life, pollutes heavily the air and generates a lot of industrial waste. A problem that is made even worse by low quality Chinese products that are meant only to get quick money from incautious people. These products fail early and turn into waste when good products wouldn't. I wonder the size of the garbage mountain…

  7. Great news report! I’d like to add that a Chinese millionaire Jia Yueting moved to the US to start an EV company that would challenge Tesla. It was a flop…now, he cannot return to China because they want his head for the 3.6 billion in investors money that was wasted.

  8. Japanese Quality and you are supporting a country that won't invade yours. Chinese Junk supporting a criminal political gang that will invade your country. Easy decision really.

  9. The new Chief Ecomic professor of evil China Xi Zin Ping must be very upset by this move as all major Corporations are deserting unfavorable and Data theft China in huge numbers everyday for safer democratic countries. The 'Fish Thief of The World' traitor China is upset as the Japanese have started fishing for Chinese fishing boats in its waters now.

  10. China's strength – being able to produce with less cost due to cheap labor. China's weakness – they have yet to understand the value of building reliable long lasting products. China's Achilles heel – stealing patents and plagiarizing ideas can only bring you so far – real creativity is an asset.

  11. Just laugh at Chinese cars. Where are the EVs from India? I doubt the guy behind this video has ever driven a Chinese EV.
    They are flooding the market in Europe and doing very well but I dont see a single Indian make. Where are they hiding their cars?

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