Kyle is in Dallas as the first auto journalist to review the Kandi K27. We first take a tour of the Kandi’s interior and exterior, then we get it out on the streets to see what it’s like to drive.


22 thoughts on “Kandi K27 First Drive & Review: Is This Chinese EV Worthy Of Hitting US Highways?”

  1. It needs a bigger battery because Canadian winter will reduce the battery's viability in half and a top speed of 63mph, (101kph) is insufficient for highways. It might be fine going downhill and eventually get to the limit on level roads, but unless you live in Saskatchewan, there are hills to climb everywhere. Sure sure around town is fine, but a lot of people commute and even college kids are going to want to come home for the holidays. While I'm about 50% convinced my next family sedan is going to be Chinese, I doubt it will be a Kandi K27.

  2. How much did the Chinese Gov. Pay you to make this video? He seems to only talk about the good of this car… And when he does point something bad out, he seems to downplay it and say "it's not a big deal" or "you can solve it blah way."

  3. Seems like a pretty cool automotive brand! Surprising seeing a Chinese automaker operating in the USA. I hope they sell more cars here and succeed.

  4. The Kandi is ok for short local trips. Worth flying to Denver for lower price. Just watched your other video. I would go more for the M23. Now in LA…cool looking Solo. Engine is what you forgot to show in the Kandi. Thanks enjoyed watching odd electric cars.

  5. Great car, Charging speed is an absolute deal breaker for anyone who doesn't have a house to charge their vehicle overnight. This car is marketed as a very affordable EV option, but the people who would most benefit from this price point typically don't own homes to charge their cars over night. Having such a small range means having to charge more often which wouldn't be bad if it didn't take 7 hours at level 2. That's insane! I'd honestly much rather pay a bit more for the car for a much faster charge time. I was seriously considering this car, but gonna have to pass on it until they improve the charge time.

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