“Only Idiots use LiDAR.” When Musk made this statement a few years ago, could he have expected that China’s LiDAR industry is currently in full swing, and Hesai’s listing in the United States is an example of this. On January 17, Hesai, a Chinese lidar system supplier, filed for an initial public offering in the United States, aiming to raise $100 million. According to people familiar with the matter, Hesai has received strong interest from potential investors in its listing. For the lidar industry, the past 2022 was a year of critical turning point, and the shipment of Hesai also ushered in explosive growth in this year.

According to the data in the prospectus, from 2017 to December 31, 2022, Hesai has shipped more than 103,000 lidar units, of which 80,400 units will come from 2022. But also in this year, lidar companies outside of China have fallen one after another. What is lidar? What is it good for? Why do related companies in other countries go bankrupt one after another, and only China is still in mass production? Hi! Welcome to Auto Age. Before we started today’s video, please subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell. OK, let’s get started!


15 thoughts on “Lidar, China's latest automotive technology leads the world!”

  1. China has just either banned or restricted the export of LIDAR in response to U S Chips ban to her.
    Well. We will just have to wait and see how this ban by China will affects EV makers outside of China.

  2. LIDAR is an obsolete technology when it comes to autonomous cars. Musk is right that one has to solve autonomous driving for vision regardless of whether one has LIDAR or not, and having solved it for vision one doesn't need LIDAR.

    Besides the cost, LIDAR has problems working in the rain and snow, which is why companies like Waymo and Cruise have limited their autonomous taxis to cities like Phoenix and SF where it rarely rains or snows.

  3. Hydrogen engines is the future, NOT EVs, and China has no idea on how to manufacture them. If they would start to manufacture in the future, that’s only possible by stealing intelligence like they have been doing so far and that’s how they got such a big economy today. So many billions of people but none is creative enough. Worst entrepreneurs in the world..

  4. Jai Hinduja. Tesla has mandated the use of Camera over Lidar. No Money No Honey. To prevent FSD domination by any other party, the kind old Uncle Mei will have to kill off the Lidar companies one after another. One must also wonder How can one sell a 100 million military drone if Lidar only costs 2000 dollars?

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