LIVE: Pakistani automakers expect to enhance cooperation with Chinese firms under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Join us for a visit to a car manufacturing base in Karachi.


21 thoughts on “LIVE: A visit to Chinese car manufacturing base in Pakistan's Karachi”

  1. Clean, well organised and everyone wearing shoes and proper work wear. No flip flops, no shalwar kameez and … amazing hard hats! Can all the other Pak factories please take note.

  2. Hi there,

    I am Malik Farhan. I purchased Prince Pearl in February 2021 from Prince Mir Motors, Johar Town, Lahore.

    From day one I am facing some issues in the car and nobody is assisting me to solve it. I visited their service center but have not got any issue resolved. It's been about 7 Months passed but the issues still exist.

    Here is the list of issues that I am facing but have not got resolved yet.

    1. Gear is not working properly, you can imagine it's a brand new car and it's gear like a roughly driven 20 years old car.

    2. Rear shocks are so noisy. This issue comes in the second month after purchase, I thought this noise was coming from somewhere else but their mechanic said its rear shocks breakdown. Still not resolved.

    3. Wheel bearings breakdown and the car's sound is gone like a down model 1998 HiAce. Still not resolved.

    4. The Ride of the car is very bumpy.

    5. An unknown noise is always coming from the dashboard and it's very annoying.

    6. AC is not working well, I think AC for this car is made for "Early winter season" it's not for "Pakistan's Summer Season".

    I bought this car just because they are new to the market and we should help them to grow here, because big 3 auto tycoons are playing a bad role in our auto sector. But now I realized I made a big mistake buying this pathetic car.

    Their service is very bad, I applied for a claim on August 7, 2021 but they filed it on 17 August, 2021 (How unprofessional it is). One month has passed but I still haven't got the things done. It's about replacement of rear shocks, wheel bearings, gear issue and dashboard noise.

    They don't have any spare parts in their service center.

    2 times a week I am visiting their service center but they always give me lame excuses.

    I request to everyone who is thinking of buying this car, please don't buy their car, it's just a waste of money and time.

    If someone wants to verify that I am not a fake person please contact me at 03476927961. I can meet you and can answer your questions.

    Thank you.


    Malik Farhan Ahmed

  3. Wonderful to learn the fruits of cooperation between China-Pak.
    but such a lousy documentary .
    Its so so dull ….so amateurs just crapped on such an excitable thing….

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